These 5 Smart Habits would make you a Better Blogger

These 5 Smart Habits would make you a Better Blogger

Need tips on how become a better blogger? Sure, everyone needs this to his blog’s advantage especially if he’s a new blogger.

Becoming a better blogger is much easier than you think; however getting the right tips remain the key.

habits for be a better blogger

Starting a blog is easy and a very good decision but growing the blog matters a lot and is the most important aspect of any blogger’s journey.

You don’t start a new blog and expect to be a newbie forever; you need to become better at what you do.

That way you are bound to succeed blogging.

I will share the exact tips I have used in the past and till date that’s helped me become a better blogger.

You can use it to your advantage or leverage it.

One thing is getting to know what works; another is actually taking action I.E: practicing it and finally to make it more productive, repeating the same steps.

If you are looking forward to grow in the blogsphere then I guess this tips are for you.

So what are these smart tips to become a better blogger?

Before I mention them, let me share with you a short story.

My Blogging Journey

I started blogging around 2015, back then I never knew how to grow a blog. Whereas growing a blog actually depends on how well you the author is able to grow yourself.

I never knew how.

You actually get frustrated in this process and it makes you want to quit.  This happened until I started practicing few tips which has helped me become a better blogger.

As a result, I’ve been able to grow my blog and it’s still growing at the moment.

Tips to Make You Become a Better Blogger

1. Develop the Habit of Reading blogs.

If you want to get new post ideas [more contents] for your blog, then you need to read as much as possible.

If you are that blogger that won’t waste 5 mins of his time to read and digest a blog post, then you are missing a lot.

What are some benefits of Reading as a blogger?

  • It creates room for new post ideas for your own blog.
  • You get more knowledge you can use for growing your blog
  • It helps you write: The best way you can learn how to write effectively without running out of ideas is to actually read other posts.

 Spend some time in reading articles.

 If that article seems to be too long, checkout the subheadings and get down some points..

 This would go a long way in helping you become better, creating contents for your own blog. 

The One Problem with bloggers is the inability I sometimes call it laziness, to read a full blog post.

“If you don’t have time to read, you don’t have the time (or the tools) to write” – Very simple as that,  – C.S. Lewis.

Develop the Habit of reading articles on other blogs and you’d become better at writing for your own blog.

2. Sharing and Tweeting.

I’ve always made this a habit. Whenever you visit a blog and read an article, it won’t cost you any time to share and tweet that article.

Doing this, tells the blog owner you appreciate their efforts I.E Time taken to create those awesome contents.

You are helping promote that blog. The one advantage of this is that, you will be promoted in return.

Share the post to your favorite social media networks, tweet them to your followers.

The best way to promote you is to promote others. The same applies to this aspect.

When you take the extra time to share and tweet others blog posts, you equally get the same in return as you begin to do it regularly.

This creates chances of relationship with other bloggers and definitely exposes you and your blog to larger audience.

3. Commenting on Blogs.

This habit, according to many successfully bloggers is one of the best ways to connect with others and be a better blogger.

It’s very simple here; you are helping grow a blog’s readership.

By leaving your comments it shows that you are concerned about the well being of other bloggers.

Blog commenting also helps you get featured on top blogs, and as well this means more traffic to your own blog.

Make it a habit to visit blogs in your nice regularly and leave in-depth comments: Make Contribution, Ask Questions when necessary, interact with readers in the comment section.

Doing this effectively would make you a better blogger, land you on top blogs, get more email subscribers as a result, and more revenue from your blog.

You should go mainly for quality and not traffic. Going for traffic would definitely make you look like a spammer and would ruin your chance of becoming a better blogger.

Comment on blogs and you will soon get used to it: If you are new to blog comment, you could check this detailed guide on blog commenting  for beginners.

Blog commenting also build your blog some backlinks. Since Am not talking about SEO here, blog commenting for backlinks should be a topic for another day.

I always recommend you comment on blogs to build relationship. These way you are respected and recognized as a serious blogger too.

4. Reply to Comments.

Ever been to a blog whose author doesn’t reply to comments? How does it feel? It’s understood that so well that bloggers may be busy at times and may not be able to reply to comments on their posts.

While this may be ok, you can check some amazing benefits when you  actually spend time to reply to comments on your blog posts.

Some benefits of replying to comments?

  • Replying to comments on your blog makes your readers feel welcomed.
  • It Opens room to new comments: When a visitor sees a post with comments already, he’s always encouraged to leave his own comments too.
  • You get more traffic when you reply to comments properly as you will keep your readers coming back for more

Reply to Comments on your blog posts and definitely you become a better blogger as time goes on.

5. Do not forget Guest Posting on other blogs.

Guest Posting is another smart way of becoming a better blogger in your field.
Leave at least 2-3 guest posts monthly.
It gives more exposure to your blog if done properly. Always go with the aim of adding quality contents the guest host site readers love.

Guest Posting would help you build more relationship with other bloggers out there and definitely you get recognized.  You could check up this detailed tutorial by backlinko on guest posting.

Following this tips, would get you going on your quest to becoming a better blogger in no time.

Over to You!

Are there any other additional tips you feel should be in this post? Do share them in the comment section.

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Prosper Noah is the Founder of Tips On Blogging.When it comes to Growing a Blog, he’s the best in the game. His tips have helped a lot of people start and manage their own Blogs.

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16 thoughts on “These 5 Smart Habits would make you a Better Blogger

  1. This is right as when it comes to growing a profitable blog. Guest posting is a key to blog exposure. No one knows you, put yourself out there and be confident in your words then share the knowledge and see people coming to you.

    Blog commenting is another key factor. I love commenting on blogs. I have made it my habit. I have a target of a number of blogs to read and comment daily. This has been my habit. What I do to find these blogs is on any post am reading, I make sure I comment then follow other people comments who did not spam. Then I will also read their most recent post and leave a comment. This way I have been able to build my network and the results were yet to testify soon.
    Thanks for sharing

    1. Hey Matthew,

      Exactly, Guest blogging and blog commenting are two good ways to boost your own blog and become better or good at what you do!

      Thanks for the awesome contribution

      Have a nice week!

  2. Hey Prosper,

    You and I always say same thing “Growing a blog is not as easy as starting a blog” .

    Most people dont care about that phrase – a better blogger.

    They only think one needs to run few promotions, get their blog out there to the crowd and start making money.

    One thing I never forget is that blogging is not a money making scheme. Its all about passion. Its all about teaching people what you are good at. Its all about building relationships.

    To be a better blogger you need to go out on other blogs esspecially the ones in the same Niche as yours then drop meaningful comments to show the author and the readers that you know what you are doing.

    Its been working for me here.

    Thanks once again for the nice tips.

    Do have a nice day.


  3. This is solid advice. I especially like that you emphasized commenting on other bloggers blogs. Promoting each other is essential, especially in the same category of blogging. It can seem a bit cut throat but there are more than enough viewers to go around.

  4. Hello, I came across your blog via one of your FB post and since I myself run a blog got interested, I went thru a few pages and this is the one I like the most. It never occured to me that reading other people`s blog would give me idea for my own, so for that … thank you.
    Wish you all the best.

  5. Thank you very much for your advice. They are probably the most successful that can be given when talking about blogging. So, Read other blogs and learn, comment on them, respond to comments on your own blog and, in short, create a community around those who read you. These are undoubtedly the best ways to enhance your own page.

  6. I clearly need to learn how to approach bloggers whom I’d love to guest blog for… I suck at it, I know it’s amazing, but I clearly do suck at it. I love reading other blogs but I think I read more than implement what I have read.

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