60 ways to make money online part-3

60 ways to make money online part-3

Ways to make money online


As we have saw 60 ways to make money online part-1 and

60 ways to make money online part-2 now this is part -3

Way No 21 – Click And Sell Photos

sell photo
earn from selling photo

Suitable For –

People who have the passion for photography.

Skills Required –

Ability to take versatile and creative photos.

Time Required For Starting Photography –

If you are an experienced photographer you can start almost instantly.
If you are new you might need time to learn photography. Learning time completely depends on how quickly you grasp the concepts.

How To Monetize –

  1. There are many ways to earn a lot of money from photography, mentioning a few.
    Sign up at the following websites, upload your photographs and start earning money once people start buying them.
  2. iStockPhoto.com
  3. Remember, creativity is really necessary for photography.
    You will have to bring more professionalism and creativity in your photographs to start earning a good income.
    Merely taking random photographs from your cell phone or a digital camera is not going to work here.
  4. You can even start your own photography website and sell your photographs directly from there.

Way No 22 – Join Survey Panels

earn from survey
earn from survey

What is a Survey Panel?

Survey panels are run by survey companies most of them are market research companies whose main aim is to collect data from the users and use it for research, product development or marketing purposes.
In order to earn some money from this survey panels, you need to sign up with them.
Once you’ve signed up the panel will send you survey requests via email.
Your job is to complete those surveys within the given time frame.
Surveys will mostly cover questions related to products and services.
Sometimes they will even ask you questions related to your lifestyle, such as the city in which you live, how many times you watch movies in a month, how many times you eat at a restaurant in a month and so on.
The completion time of each survey may last from 1 minute to 30 minutes.

Suitable For –

People who love to give opinions.

Skills Required –

Ability to provide honest opinions.

Time Required For Starting Paid Survey –

Almost instantly. Just sign up the following leading paid surveys panels.

  • Opinion
  • Outpost
  • Springboard
  • America
  • Vivatic
  • E-poll
  • YouGov
  • PaidView
  • pointiPoll
  • MySurvey

How To Monetize –

1. Most of the survey panels will pay you from $1 to $10 per survey taken or pay in the form of Amazon gift cards, free mobile recharges, food coupons, movie tickets and so on..
2. More surveys you complete more money you earn.

Way No 23 – Become A Freelancer

make money online from freelancer
earn from freelancer

Suitable For –

People who like to work from home or work at any place, any time they want.

Skills Required –

Any skills you are good at.

Time Required For Starting Freelancing –

Just sign up at the following top freelance websites and Fill your details.
Top freelance websites:

  • Upwork.com
  • Freelancer.com
  • Peopleperhour.com

How To Monetize –

1. Post your skills and give appropriate details of your abilities, any prior work experience and the amount you are going charge for per hour of work.
2. People who have some task to be done in your domain will post the jobs or will directly contact you if they like your profile.
3. Just complete their task and they will pay you the decided amount.

Way No 24 – Start Your Podcast

make money online from podcast
earn from podcast

What is a Podcast?

A digital audio file made available on the Internet for downloading to a computer or portable media player, typically available as a series, new instalments of which can be received by subscribers automatically.

Suitable For –

People who like to talk and explain the things.

Skills Required –

1. In-depth knowledge of any topic you are interested in.
2. Ability to persuade with logical reasoning.

Time Required For Creating A Podcast –

There are 3 important steps for creating a podcast.
1. Prepare a script. Determine what will be the content. Create an outline to keep track of what you are going to discuss or promote.
2. Record audio for your podcast.
3. Upload your podcast on your personal website of iTunes.

How To Monetize –

1. Sell your podcast. But ensure that the content in the podcast is compelling to convince people to pay for it.
2. Insert a commercial into your podcast and earn money.

Way No 25 – Start A Book Review Site

make money online from book review site
earn from book review site

What is a Book review site?

As the name suggests a book review website is a website where reviews about the books get published.

Suitable For –

People who have the passion for reading books.

Skills Required –

Ability to provide in-depth, honest and a versatile review of a book.

Time Required For Starting Book Review Website –

You can start a website virtually within hours. In this case creating a website is not a big challenge but providing honest and appealing reviews is.
If you have read a lot of books since your childhood then providing reviews about a decent number of books won’t be challenging.
But if you are just starting to read books then I won’t suggest you choose this way because it might take a lot of time to read a decent number of books and then provide reviews.

How to Monetize –

Become Amazon affiliate. Promote books on your website using your amazon affiliate links.
Using your reviews persuade people to buy books through your affiliate links.
More people will buy books from your affiliate link more money you make.

Way No 26 – Develop A Software

make money online from developing softwear
earn from developing softwear

Suitable For –

People who like to develop new things and like technical stuff.

Skills Required –

Knowledge of any programming language.

Time Required For Creating A Software –

Depends on the expertise of the developer and the scope of the software.

How To Monetize –

One simplest way to earn money from your software is by creating your own website and use it for promoting your software.
You can also put your software on affiliate marketing websites such as Clickbank, Shareasale, Jvzoo and let other affiliates promote it.

Way No 27 – Teach Your Native Language

make money online from teaching others your native language
earn from teaching others your native language

Most of the people in today’s globalization world are trying to learn new languages, and there are many new reasons for doing so.
Some people want to improve their employability, some want to study or live overseas, some want to grow their business or just want to improve their travel experience.
The point is, there is a huge market of online language learners who are willing to pay for language coaching.
Your aim should be to leverage this opportunity, teach the language you know to others online and earn some handsome money.
But, how are you going find the people who will sign up for your language coaching?
The simple answer to this question is to register on iTalki.com.

What is iTalki.com?

iTalki is a popular online language learning platform which connects people willing to learn languages with others who can teach them.
With 2 million students and 3000 teachers who teach all the world’s major 100 languages, it’s the largest marketplace for online language teachers.

Suitable For –

People who love to teach and have a gift of imparting knowledge.

Skills Required –

1. In verbal and written fluency in any particular language that you wish to teach.
2. A Clear understanding of language learning process.
3. Ability to provide the training in a step by step way.

How To Get Started –

To get started visit iTalki.com and submit an application for becoming an online teacher.
If approved you can create your Teacher Profile, set your online schedule, create your language courses.
After this, you’ll be listed on iTalki listings and potential students from all over the world can view your profile and determine they would book you for an online session.
All the iTalki sessions are conducted online via Skype and other VOIP software so make sure you have a high-speed internet connection and appropriate headphones.
The main advantage of iTalki is that it handles everything for the teacher: marketing, scheduling, payment and student management.
As a teacher, all you need to focus on is teaching.

Tips –

1. Being a teacher on iTalki you will face competition from other teachers in the marketplace.
So you need to make sure that you have a strong teacher profile which sets you apart from others.
2. Students will make the decision of choosing you as a teacher based on the following criteria so make sure you’ve optimized each one of them.

– Pricing

As a new teacher, you’ll have to offer your teaching services at a very competitive pricing in the beginning.
Begin with small pricing, once you start getting more students and have garnered high ratings you can increase the price later on.

– Profile

Believe it or not but your profile picture will have a huge impact on attracting your potential learners to your profile as your profile picture is the first thing they ever see in the listing.
Take a professional photograph in good setup and lighting condition if possible wear formal clothes, don’t just snap a regular photo using your mobile phone camera and upload it.

– Video Introduction

Will setting up your teacher profile, you’ll be asked to post a video introduction.
This is your best opportunity to showcase your language skills to your potential learners.
Shot a 3-4 minute professional looking video explaining learners your teaching approach, syllabus and other teaching methods which are unique to you.
The aim of the video introduction should be to convince potential learners that you are an expert in the language and have the right teaching abilities.

– Experience

If you already have some experience of teaching languages online, completed any advanced courses or have a college degree showcase them on your profile to improve your chances of getting selected.

– Ratings and Feedbacks

These are going to have the biggest impact on your potential learner’s decision whether to choose you over other teacher or not.
Make sure you offer the best course possible and help learners to learn the language quickly and effectively.

Expected Earnings –

When you teach you’ll earn ITC’s (iTalki credits) which you can withdraw for real cash using PayPal, Alipay, Webmoney, Moneybookers (Skrill).
10 ITCs are equal to $1.
Most of the language teachers charge anywhere between 100 ITCs to 200 ITCs ($10 to $20) per hour depending on their expertise and feedbacks.
You can also conduct language tests, add interview preparation modules, kids modules and so on to diversify your market reach and increase income.

So the money making formula here is simple, more students sign up to your course more money you make.

Way No 28 – Do Document Translation

make money online from document translation
earn from document translation

What does a document translator do?

When businesses grow globally, they need to communicate with their customers in a language that their customer understands.
Most of the businesses communicate with their customers in written form such as email, product usage guides, help tutorials, written blog content and so on.
In order to do this, they need people who are multilingual and can effectively convert a document written in one language into another.
As a document translator, your task will be to convert documents written in one language into another language.
The most common example you must have seen is a phone usage guide you get when you buy a new phone.
You must have observed that this guide has multiple versions written in multiple languages.
This job is done by document translators.

Suitable For –

1. Almost anyone.
2. More suitable for people who love to write.

Skills Required –

1. Ability to read write and fluently speak at least 2 or more languages.
2. Ability to interpret the meaning of the context with right understanding.

Tips –

1. Set up your home office with a computer, internet connection, a recording headset.
You’ll require this if you decide to participate in live conversations and convert documents online.
2. Most of the translation jobs are in Spanish, Japanese, Korean, Chinese and French.
So try to learn and be fluent in any one of them. These will fetch you more money.

How To Get Started –

The best way to get started is to upload your resume and list your rates and services on Translatorscafe.com. It contains a free online directory of translators and translation jobs.
Another way is to register yourself with the following top websites, these sites will provide you translation jobs based on your expertise and abilities.
Here’s the list:

  • Gengo.com
  • Lingosaur.com

Expected Earnings –

You will earn about $12/hour for translating normal documents and up to $40/hour for translating technical or scientific content.

Way No 29 – Do Interview Transcribing

make money online from transcribing
become a interview transcriber

What is interview transcribing?

To transcribe means to make a written copy of something. Interview transcribing is the process of listening to an audio or video interview and converting it into a written copy for reading purposes.
Today most of the journalists, nonfiction writers and bloggers conduct thousands of hours of interviews and most of them are too busy to transcribe them on their own.
So they outsource this job to speed the publishing process. That’s where they need interview transcribers.
Your job as an interview transcriber will be to listen to the audio or video interview and write it down word for word.

Suitable For –

1. Almost anyone.
2. More suitable for people to love to write.

Skills Required –

1. Ability to read, write and fluently speak the language of your operation.
2. Ability to listen and understand multiple accents in your language of operation.
3. Ability to type faster is a must.

How To Get Started –

The first way is to register on following transcription services sites and complete the available jobs.
Here’s the list:
The second way is to contact local newspapers, magazines, and TV news stations and see if they can offer you a transcribing job.
The third way is to contact bloggers, news website owners and non-fiction writers. Visit their sites,
find their email and inquire if they have a requirement of a transcriber.

Expected Earnings –

You will earn from $5 to $40 per hour for transcribing any interview depending on your expertise.

Way No 30 – Become An Online Tutor

make money online from become online tutor
earn from online tutor

Due to the growth of busy lifestyle many people nowadays prefer the convenience of online coaching.
The growth of technology and the internet has made the experience of online coaching extremely realistic.
As a result, the demand for online tutors is growing fast. So if you like helping others to learn, online tutoring could be the earning ticket for you.

Suitable For –

People who love to teach and have a gift of imparting knowledge.

Skills Required –

1. Expertise in any particular subject you wish to teach such as maths, science, computer programming and so on.
2. A college degree or at least two years of completed study in the subject you wish to teach.
3. Some experience as an online tutor is a plus, but not necessary.

How To Get Started –

The first and the best way is to enroll with the online tutoring sites, these sites will assign you students based on your profile and schedule.
Following is the list of reputed online tutoring sites:

  • Tutor.com
  • TutorVista.com
  • Tutor.com
  • SmarThinking.com

The second way is to start on your own.
Create a local ad or flier with your credentials and contact information and place it up in libraries, grocery stores and on community bulletin boards.
Ask your friends and relatives to spread the word.
Create a Facebook page about your online tutoring class and invite your online friends and acquaintances to like and share it online.

Expected Earnings –

You will earn from $9 to $40 per hour depending on your reputation and experience.
If you are a certified teacher with expertise in subjects such as advanced maths, science, statistics and computer programming, you can charge more than $50 per hour.

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