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About us

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I m Paras Dhankecha, a blogger and like to spend more time with my laptop and internet.

I love to learn new things, i think that’s why i m blogger.

In year of 2013 i started my journey with simple free blog on how to make money online with name www.parasdhankecha.blogspot.com

Later i decide to make a new website with my own domain and hosting. so, i bought domain www.earnonblog.com.

And i start to write article on Seo, Blogging and more..

I found many people around me who like blogging but they don’t have platform and suggestion. So, i started this website.

May this website help newbies to start blogging and learn about Seo.

I m also going to make a another website on web development and android/ios application development.

Coming soon…..

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and if you have any suggestion for this website then please feel free to contact me at parasdhankecha@gmail.com

I like suggestions and comments from readers.

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Thank you for visit this website

-paras dhankecha