backlinks: Get high page rank

backlinks: Get high page rank

Backlinks:-importance in SEO and High PR web directories.

what is backlink?

Backlink means when your website or blog connects to other website and get a link, then it’s called backlinks. It is the most used word in community of search engine optimization.

backlinks get seo more easy
High page rank backlinks

Good page rank and high quality backlinks generates high traffic on your website and SEO(search engine optimization) plays very important role to be found on google or any other search engine.

For example neil patel have a website on online marketing, a lots of visitor he get from his website because it’s high page rank.

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To get more traffic and high quality backlink you have to submit your website or blog to web listing directories. If you google for this like submit my website for high quality backlinks then on the first page you will see a list of lots of websites, i  have try most of them but many of its are fake and others are paid.

You can also join dofollow forums to get high page rank and quality backlinks.

After a week searching on google i found this list and many others all country directories to get good backlinks. I also have listed on all this directories. If any problem occurs or want to get more backlinks and high page rank feel free to write down in comment box.

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backlinks quality
Get quality backlinks from following web directories

List of high quality backlink directory

  1. Dmoz                                         
  2. Scrub the Web                          
  3. somuch                                      
  4. Jayde                                         
  6. T Section                                   
  7. Vie Search                                 
  8. 1 Abc                                          
  9. Business Seek                           
  10. Cipinet                                       
  11. Pro Link Directory                   
  12. Amray                                         
  13. Gain Web                                  
  14. Submission 4u                         
  15. Suggest URL                            
  16. Linkpedia                                 
  17. 1 Webs Directory                   
  18. 9 Sites                                       
  19. 247 Web Directory                 
  20. Pi Series                                   
  21. PR3 Plus                                  
  22. Linkdir                                    
  23. Best Free Websites               
  24. Nipao                                      
  25. 10 Directory                            
  26. Vision Web Directory          
  27. Xysyst                                     
  28. Dir4uk                                    
  29. perssalink                              
  30. Blogarama                                       Blogarama

The above listed webdirectories are free to submit your website, blog or article. and many of them also provide a option to influence means you just have to put a backlink of the webdirectories to get listed earlier.

If you use paid website to get backlinks then you might in effect of google penguin.

quality backlinks
google penguin friendly backlink

Generally most of directory or high page rank sites take time to free listing but if you want influence then the process get fast and other option is paid listing, for paid website listing the list of paid directories are follow.

List of paid web directories  (updated)

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