Best VPS Hosting for E-Commerce Website – MilesWeb

Best VPS Hosting for E-Commerce Website – MilesWeb

Best VPS Hosting for E-Commerce Website

Starting your own e-commerce business? That’s great! E-commerce business is booming nowadays. There are several things involved in starting an e-commerce business. It’s more than just choosing a brand name to write product listings and starting to sell products online. Though your business idea is the best, it can get flop, if it isn’t generating enough traffic on your site.

Hosting plays a key role in e-commerce business success. For example, the technology you use will create a huge impact on speed, which is fundamental to consumer satisfaction and search engine optimization. A virtual private server (VPS) is the best choice for e-commerce growth as it offers the best performance.

Who is VPS Hosting Perfect For?

Is your eCommerce store gaining high-amount of traffic? It’s time to move on to something stronger then and its VPS hosting. So, VPS hosting is the best for e-commerce owners that are gaining traction or high traffic hits. A VPS is actually a dedicated server in a virtual environment which gives you the same level of control and resources without the need for physical data storage and management.

There are several VPS hosting providers in India but MilesWeb is the one that is gaining popularity due to its cheapest VPS hosting India services. But prior to diving into MilesWeb VPS hosting let’s check the benefits of VPS hosting over shared hosting.

Benefits of VPS hosting over shared hosting:

  • In VPS hosting, you get more disk space and higher overall resource availability in comparison with shared hosting.
  • More resources indicate high performance which you don’t get with a shared server. On a shared server, other websites can possibly affect your website’s performance. While VPS hosting offers good performance based on the bandwidth it allocates to the users.
  • Since shared hosting is provided on a common server, it can’t guarantee 100% security. Whereas, on VPS server you can ensure more robust safety features as your website is hosted on a separate environment.
  • When it comes to pricing, shared hosting is the most economical option but then you won’t get all the significant features for your website such as security, flexibility, etc. In VPS hosting, though the price is high, you get all the premium features that your website requires.
  • Shared hosting offers limited resources and it is best for small websites. VPS hosting allows you to scale more quickly and easily due to the customizable features.

MilesWeb – The Best VPS Hosting Provider

MilesWeb was started in the year 2012 with an aim to support the ever-growing businesses. They have a customer support team that is well experienced in Linux and Windows administration, cPanel and Plesk control panels, migration of servers and virtualization technology. They offer a rewarding experience to their clients with their managed web services. They also offer other web hosting services such as shared, dedicated, WordPress, cloud and other application hosting services.

You get full root access with MilesWeb VPS that allows you to customize and install any application as per your requirement. They also offer you more control over your website with MySQL database and cPanel tool.

With MilesWeb VPS, you are assured to get superior hardware and optimum performance. They offer SSD storage at the most reasonable price in the market. This helps to improve your VPS server performance. You will experience outstanding hosting performance with them.

Plans and Pricing

Disk space, bandwidth, processing power, etc. are some of the factors that are responsible for deciding the price of the VPS server. MilesWeb offers VPS hosting at affordable prices with all the key features. They offer a series of 14 plans in Linux VPS hosting as below:


You select your choice of server location from the 8 server locations – Bangalore, New York, San Francisco, London, Singapore, Frankfurt, Amsterdam and Toronto for Linux VPS.

For Windows, they offer Windows VPS India as well as Singapore, Frankfurt, Paris, London, Sydney, Montreal, Virginia, Ohio and Oregan locations. Their Windows VPS plans are as below:


Key Features of MilesWeb VPS Hosting

Solid State Drive (SSD): SSDs are the latest data storage technology. They offer high speed and reliability as compared to traditional hard-disk drives. MilesWeb offers SSD storage with their VPS hosting which use the flash memory to store data. This helps to browse the web pages much faster. When a webpage loads faster, it helps in boosting the overall performance of the website.

SSH & Root Access: Root access means the admin user can access all the files on the server. MilesWeb offers full root access with its VPS servers. This kind of access allows you to make high-level changes to the configuration or even install software on the server.

Free VPS Management: Don’t worry about your VPS server management. MilesWeb takes the responsibility of managing your VPS server completely without any additional charges. Their technical support team gives you complete assistance to resolve any of the issues on your VPS server.

Resource Dashboard: The real-time usage of your VPS server can be monitored which gives you a visual overview of the server resources used via a single dashboard. Get a quick insight into your memory usage and server load with this dashboard.

Free Migration: Want to migrate your website from your current host to MilesWeb? MilesWeb team will help you to migrate your complete website data from the old server to the MilesWeb’s server, free of cost. They have a proven track record in terms of server migration without data loss. They will also help you to set up and configure your server at the initial stage.

What Makes MilesWeb the Best Hosting Provider?


Many hosting companies claim to offer instant and expert support but only a few actually offer what they commit. But MilesWeb offers what it commits. Their support team is available 24/7 to ensure that their clients’ website remains up and running.

They are reliable and expert in identifying the technical issues and resolving them. They ensure that all queries of the client are being answered.


Though the websites hosted on a VPS server shared resources of the same server, a web host needs to make sure that your website performance doesn’t get compromised. To offer access to dedicated resources for enhancing the performance of the website is the main aim of a VPS server. The server performance is prioritized by MilesWeb as the most crucial criteria for their VPS server, delivering their customers the finest performing servers.

Wrapping Up

VPS hosting is the advanced virtualization technology in web hosting. You should choose a VPS hosting provider wisely as if you take a wrong decision, it can wrangle you in great trouble, creating a huge impact on your business.  MilesWeb is the recommended web host because they offer all the features that one might need for the business. They are continuously increasing their infrastructure and support to serve their customers with the best they can.

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