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Blogging, was introduced in early 1990’ took growth after 2000’s and came into the current after mid 2000’s. Blogging has now been totally enrolled into the mainstream. Whether its business, politics or education. A fact about blogging says that 92% of companies who blog multiple times per day have acquired a customer from their blog. It has become as a major source of erudition and entertainment. Usually youngsters start pretending blogging identical to posting. And assume it as a piece of cake and commit mistake which reduces their creativity and credibility. There’s a narrow configuration between both.

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So here are some guidelines to escape which will help you and will enhance your piece of writing.

blogging guidline

  • Know your audience

Set a target audience. It is very necessary to understand your target audience first and ask yourself. What they want?  Decide your topic according to their need and requirements. Knowing your set of audience will make your article more amenable for them. And due to this larger audience will show interest in your article.

  • Perception-

First intent your perception. What you want to convey your readers. Mostly writer fail to clear the notion which they want to share. Therefore it develops into crucial mark to consider on. Do not ever deviate from your perception in between of article. This will confuse your reader stay on your perspicacity as much as you can. As for writer audience comes first.

  • Keep it simple-

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. Don’t revolve them around, Give them  a straight road to reach your idea, smooth twist and turn can be allowed as it gives little excitement to them. Slight agitation can make your piece interesting to recite. Other than that make sure your concept is clearly visible. For finer understanding of your interpretation you can remit few cases.

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  • Uniqueness

Essence of uniqueness in your article will make you stand out among hundreds of other abstractions. There must be something eccentric of people’s interest, to grab their attention. Individualism always helps to keep you out of crowd. So focus on individualism. Always bring something new and interesting to audience. This will automatically hook them with you.

  • Grammar check-

Its often observed young writers deviate from tense in which they are writing. Tense remarkably becomes important for writing as well as its grammar. Errors in an article not only gives bad impression but decreases your credibility. Remember in which tense you are writing in and to which tense you want to take this. With  incorrect tense and grammar reader find it difficult to understand. And as its result ones loses its reliability.

  • Picking motif-

Be careful before choosing your genre of writing. I’ll suggest you to choose topics related to practical stuff and the one you are good at.  You can try different relevant topics with time. By this your audience will also get through distinct fields. Picking various motifs will keep audience stuck with you.

  • Use image and examples-

Use case history, lessons, samples or examples to comfortably explain the idea behind your writing. Make sure you use image that exactly portray what you want to convey. Avoid informal writing.

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  • Proof reading-

It’s a compulsory step that a writer should never skip. Whatever piece of writing a person writes seems correct for them, but ask some other person to read and check it as well. May be that persons perceptive can see mistake of grammar, language or tense. So just ask someone to once go through your work. Even ask for suggestions to improve your work.

So these were some criteria that one should focus on during blogging.


I am RUCHIKA DHRUWEY, working with “INH News channel” INH News specially covers chhattisgarh news . Beside that I am pursuing my graduation in journalism and mass communication from Guru Ghasidas central university, Bilaspur (C.G)

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