Build Quality Backlinks in 2017 by this top 10 Easy and Free Methods

Build Quality Backlinks in 2017 by this top 10 Easy and Free Methods

Top 10 Easy and Free Methods to Build Quality Back links in 2017

Note:- This is guest post by Ravi Roshan Jaiswal, You can also submit your guestpost by contact us.

Back links are also known as inbound links (IBL’s), play significant role ranking your website and making it popular.
Build quality backlinks are also important for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) because some of popular search engines especially GOOGLE, will give credit to your website according to a number of quality Back links of your website.

And it considers your website more relevant than others in the search results pages of any search query. Relevancy can also be influenced by getting an address from the location from where your site is supposed to be, for example if you have a site targeting UK audience, then getting a UK street address might be a good idea.
It’s a little hard to influence a search engine making some external Back links to other website. But applying some link building methods may help to make it easy. As we know, when other popular website refer to your website, increases your website traffic and good to connect with new audiences.
Building high quality Backlink can be very challenging for newbie but these top 10 Easy and Free Methods and resources help to you build quality Backlinks for your site in 2017 –

1.Build quality backlinks by Submit Guest Post

Build quality backlinks by guest posting

Guest blogging is the most effective way to engage and reach with new audiences. Also it increases the new subscribers, website traffic and building authority in your industry.
Only, what you need to do is first find the blog list that accepts guest post, ask interest and submit article. Use some advance and smart search operator for find the blog who accept guest post. Try to figure out the every essential features of related topic’s content.

Your content should be written in such a way so that visitor love to hear more from you and redirect toward your website. Guest blogging is very good opportunity to publish content to niche website and attract new audiences too.

2. Blog Commenting on your niche Site

Blog commenting is the easiest and best way to build high PR links effectively and quickly. High PR links means getting your website links in other website which has a high page rank and high level of authority web page.
Getting valuable Backlink through blog commenting is the first priority of every newbie blogger. You can get two types of benefits from blog commenting the first is getting quality Backlink and SEO ranking; and generating traffic to your website.
Just use your real identity while commenting on a particular website and the word you use in commenting should be natural as you appreciate people for good work and should not be like spammer. Blog comments written natural language and related to article is always acceptable by the blogger.
If possible add some value and you can also tell what is missing in shared post.

3. Writing answers in Quora

Quora, a great source of information, you can post your question, and you will get answer very soon. If you are not satisfied with your answer then you can request for good answer from the top and expert people.
If you are looking for answer in any niche then there is no better place than Quora. Sign up in Quora official website and search for your interested and relevant question, you want to answer; and write answer along with the website link which is relevant to explore more about the question. Respond each question in depth adding the essential resources and relevant website link with answer. Quora also increases the engagement with audiences.

4. Submit Article on top Web 2.0 sites

Most SEO expert blogger suggest this method for quality Backlink and marketing of your website. One of important factor in SEO and will help to boost the SEO of your website.
Very easy to use Web 2.0 sites, just sign up with making an account over it and submit the article you want to publish.
Some web 2.0 needs some time for approval and then publish it with your website link and some of Web 2.0 sites publish article quickly as you press post button.
It improves the interaction level and increase the DA (domain authority) and PA (page authority) of your website or blog.

5. Participate in Roundup Post

An easy method to earn quality Backlinks for your site is to participate in roundup post organised by other blogger. Most blogger run weekly or monthly roundups on particular topic and you must ask to participate in roundups where you will get your website Backlinks, personal social sharing links too.
For more information about roundups you can search for queries in using Google search engine like: “Keyword + roundup.”
Roundups are also best for promoting your valuable content.

As you know, great content needs to promote it and if you know how to promote your content then very easy to build quality Backlinks.
Participating in roundup post has been proved to be very beneficial, you, your website and social media account will be featured along views and content you submit.

6. Through infographic

If you are searching for latest methods to build quality Backlinks in top popular blogs than infographic might be solution for you.

The best thing of well designed infographic is: it expresses your content visually very so the demand of info graphics is very high.
So focus on eye-catching and outstanding design of info graphic so that people ask to share this along with your website link.
Info graphics are very popular in websites and people love to understand things visually since it is easy to understand and share to others.
So it is one of the most effective way to get quality Backlink on top blogs and bringing huge website traffic to your website.

Increase website traffic from infographics.

7. Leave testimonials

An easiest and powerful method to earn quality Backlinks by writing testimonials on your own website which you are using currently and you can do it spending few minutes.
It increases the possibility to get a link in exchange for writing testimonial.

But, be sure to be real because fake testimonial will make you lost your standards.
People look for good reviews and when they see a customer satisfied by product they move towards you and your website to know more.
Genuinely describe the main benefits of products and what makes you feel comfort and the product is better than any other.

8. Broken Link building strategy

Many seo agency and experts use to build quality Backlinks of your site by broken link method.
You need to search broken links on website in your niche and you are more likely to find broken links and when you get the broken link, email webmaster and inform about the problem.

As we know, nobody wants to see 404 error pages so suggest webmaster to replace this error page with your website.
Since you have told a webmaster about the problem, It is more likely to get your website links replacing that error page with your website link.

Only keep this in your mind, your website must provide the complete and valuable information as the broken link and in the same niche.

9. Use HARO method in a right way

HARO a perfect link building strategy if you know to use it in a right way is stands for Help A Reporter Out. What is the great about HARO is the top journalists come to you.
Just sign up yourself at helpareporter and your will receive three emails from the reporters regularly asking for the sources.

Then you need to provides them useful tips and state your credential to help a reporter out and get a quality Backlinks.

10. Interview top blogger

Interview top blogger in your niche and don’t forget to post it in your blog. And then ask the blogger to share this interview with their loved ones audiences.
You can also offer to be interviewed by other blogger who is eager to take your interview and share it to your own website.

It looks like link exchange but not so; because this work will done in a very natural way.

Conclusion: Building a quality Back links to your website is extremely important and since it is important must follow the above top 10 easy and free methods to build quality back links in 2017.
There so many ways to build quality Backlinks but using the right methods and resources, will be easy to find the link building opportunity.

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  1. Hi Paras,

    Sensational list bro.

    Huge fan of guest posting here. Build bonds, grow your list and get mad SEO juice too.

    I have responded to a few HARO over the months and also have over 132,000 views on my Quora answers.

    Blog commenting rocks as well for building bonds, and although you don’t get SEO juice through comments you drive steady traffic and make buddies with successful bloggers through this free marketing and bond-building method.

    Thanks for sharing.


  2. Great post! Very useful information. These all are great suggestions. Blog commenting, guest posting, forum posting and social media are now very much popular among bloggers. It helps to bring traffic to your site and generate backlink.

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