Cpm advertising- Earn from impression

Cpm advertising- Earn from impression

WHAT IS CPM Advertising?

CPM Advertising means cost per hundred.When your website gets 1000 visitor then an ad network pays you 1 CPM value. In short in the CPM ADVERTISING a value which is payable by ad network to the publisher when their website or blog receive a 1000 impression. This is the best way to earn income from website monetization for biginners rather then make money from affiliate marketing. In cpm network there is no need to the reader click on advertise.

cpm advertising
cpm advertising networks

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List of top paying CPM ad network


Ubercpm is the fastest growing netwotk in cpm advertise. And the most of bloggers like this ad network because the ubercpm approve your website fastest as you complete the signup process and your website meet their guideline .
the second best thing about ubercpm is they share their 80% of revenue for publisher.
Bloggers like this because ubercpm allow free hosting domain.The third one and the best about ubercpm is that they pay $25 threshold which is minimum and also you can withdrow your income by paypal.
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Many of us means blog writer or website holder says that adbuff is number 1 cpm network because this is the most strongest advertising provider.
Adbuff takes approximately 5-7 days to approve your website and their script must be followed by you.
A best and strong point of adbuff is that they pay $25 as a bonus as your website gets approved.
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media.net (cpm advertising)
media.net (home page)

Media.net is leading advertising network which is spreaded to all over the world. They have office in world’s most known cities.
This is network which covered by yahoo,msn,health and most of advertiser.
They have strong guideline to approve your website and one of them is You must have original containt in your website to approve by them


Propellerads network is well known in bloggers because they providing real time engaging report.
Also the best part in propellerads is that they providing differnt types and new adformat means a popback for desktop and popup for mobile also this is mobile seo friendly site.
For sign up in this ad network you just have to prove ownership of your site.

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Buysellads is the perfect for those who has just started because this adnetwork do not required minimum traffic to approve your website.
Also the best part in this website is they pay $20 as a minimum payment via paypal.
So if you are biginner then this is best for you, they give 75% of revenue comes from advertiser to publisher.
This is SEO friendly ad network and also compatible to adsense.

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Advertising is the service provide by AOL.
They only accept very aged domain and minimum traffic requred is 500000 visiter per month.
So it is very tough to approved by advertising.com and they pay $25 as a minimum threshold via paypal.


Tribal fusion is most known adnetwork because of they have high paying advertisers and also they pay high to their publishers.
If you want to approved by tribal fusion then your website must have quality posts and also your website updated regularly.
The guideline says that you must have 500000 uniqe visitor per month to approved by tribal fusion.
They pay minimum $50 via paypal or check.


Technorati is one of best most known social media ad network and if you have lots of social media traffi then it is best for you.
It has a largest social media ad network because of it has tie-up with google,msn and many well known sites.
Technorati gives you a good point is that if you become publisher with technorati then the traffic become more engaging to your post.

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