Top 10 Email Marketing Mistakes Blogger Should Avoid

Top 10 Email Marketing Mistakes Blogger Should Avoid

10 Mistakes to avoid in Email Marketing

Today, internet has become the basic need for people of all ages. Internet plays a big part in building business, socializing, learning, developing &making money etc. In fact, it’s a very useful tool for people who run small scale as well as large scale businesses. They can uplift their business by using various marketing strategies online like Social Media Marketing, Google AdSense Advertising & Email Marketing Etc.

Email marketing mistakes to avoid for bloggers

Believe it or not, Email Marketing is the one of the most used marketing strategy. It is a type of direct marketing that has a potential to reach large number of audiences in mere seconds.

Email marketing is a type of advertisement which includes messages images which is sent to the potential customers in various formats & designs.

Here, if they like the content they will subscribe to for future mails too. Email marketing is a great strategy to develop various businesses.

Even though it’s one of the most effective online marketing tactics, there are still certain mistakes that need to be avoided at all costs in order to maintain its effectiveness.

The mistakes that should be avoided in Email Marketing are as follows:

Poor Content

Content is the most essential part of any Email Marketing campaign. The use of language &words should not be wrong. Especially, the spellings & grammatical mistakes should be totally avoided. Once you finish writing your mail, make sure it’s thoroughly evaluated.

Sending Mail without Testing

Many advertisers start the marketing campaign before checking it or trying it. They forget to test it before sending to the target audience. Many things should be considered in a mail copy like relevancy or if the links are proper or not, openings of mail in different browsers, subject line the target audience etc.

It’s better to take this extra step rather than regretting later.

Unoptimized mail!

Mobile optimization of the mail content is very important. Mobile users cannot be avoided if you want to maximize your reach. They should be considered while preparing the email design because if the mail doesn’t open properly with mobile devices, all your efforts are going to go in vain.

So, the Design developers need to build an appropriate design which opens up properly on mobile devices, thus impressing the users.

False claims

Just to seek attention of customers they should not give false claims like offers, discounts and coupons. They should be told the truth about all the products and the services you provide. Your Customers need to know the right information so that they become your regular customers & trust your brand.

Improper Timing

Timing is the main thing in Email Marketing. It should be definitely considered by marketers as the audience responses depend on when they receive it.

You can’t send them mail at night time or when they are most presumably busy with work. It’s obvious in such situations they will ignore it or may delete your mail without even opening it.

Subject Line

Again the most crucial thing in Email Marketing is the subject lines. Your Subject line decides whether users will open the mail or not.

The subject line is somewhat the center of attraction of your mail and if the readers like it only then they might read the further mail. For this, make sure your subject line is attractive, catchy and relevant to the reader.

Unsubscribe Option

Once you start mailing your subscribers they are going to be notified regularly. If there comes a point where they feel that they don’t want to receive the mails in the future, they should be provided an easy out! Make sure they are given a link to unsubscribe to your mails, as they have a right to unsubscribe to it whenever they want.

If you don’t give an unsubscribe link in mail and continuously mail them, they can put you in spam list. This could bring about negative effects on your business and you will be in Blocked Email Senders and might get blacklisted.

Target Audience

It is important to know your target audience as your database is going to be completely dependent on that. Make sure the niche you opt for is suitable as well as profitable to you. For the best possible results with email marketing, ensure the right target audience before even planning the marketing campaign.

 Too many Bulky Emails

Marketers should not send Emails that are very long to the users. This is because in today’s busy world, people need short and relevant content that can build interest and make them consider your products or services.

Well, First Impression is the last Impression after all. You should plan the content, subject line, language & appearance of the mail etc in advance to save time as well.

Sending mail From Unusual email address

The Email address is also very important and is definitely taken into consideration by reader’s.

If its unusual then the readers might think of it as a spam mail and move it in spam or direct delete it. If you are sending mail to your readers it should not be under strange email Id’s like imad@etc.

So make a relevant email address of your name or company’s name so that your mail is taken seriously and a favorable response comes your way.

Vertical response is a good email marketing service provider. You can send free emails till limited numbers of subscribers.

Email marketing has its own perks, but this makes it even more important for you to avoid mistakes in order to make the most out of it. With these above mentioned tips, your email marketing journey will definitely take a smooth sail!

Author:- Pritam Nagrale is a passionate blogger who writes about make money ideas & blogging on his blog MoneyConnexion. He is also running a digital marketing training academy in Mumbai.”

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