how to get high quality backlink from brokenlinks 2017

how to get high quality backlink from brokenlinks 2017

Quality backlinks from Brokenlink method

As we know Backlinks plays a important role in seo. To get high pagerank and to move at top of google, backlink building is necessary.
Now a days webmasters used find high quality backlinks for their website. Here i m going to tell you a smart and effective way to get backlinks.
There is many ways to get backlink

But this is different from all this method. this is about to get a high quality backlinks from brokenlinks.

What is broken link method to get backlinks?

Internet is a changing medium of information and we all know many websites or blogs change their domain from one to another, we have to get list of that types of websites which moves to another domain or no longer available.

get backlinks from brokenlinks
404- page not found

This is very simple method first of all, we have to find a broken links then investigate for this brokenlink that how much backlinks it gets or quality of backlinks comes to it.
Then get list of all this brokenlinks.
Now main part, contact the webmasters of the website from where you get this brokenlink and tell them to change it with yours link of related article you have wrote.
Now lets get in deep about each topic

step 1:- Find your niche related websites to get backlinks.

In step 1 we are going to find a niche related website list.
You can get easily it from google search, You can use Keyword + inurl:links for search easily or keyword + no longer available etc…

After getting a list now lets move to step 2

step 2:-Find broken links.

In this step we are going to check a broken links from all this websites.
No, No.  You don’t have to check all the links manually from website.
There are many tool available to find a broken links from webpage like check my tool, domain hunter .
Lets start with Check my links tool.

Download check my link extension.

Check my link is simple google chrome extension from which you can find broken links from any webpage easily.
Now open any one website from the list you have(your niche related) in google chrome.
after it just click on check my link extension, it will automatically find all broken links from the website.
After all search complete it looks like this.

get backlink from brokenliks - check my link
check my link tool working

In above image(Just example) we can see that total 23 links found on this page from it 17 links are valid and working but 4 links are invalid.
So, now we have a list of broken links now move to step 3

step 3:-Check quality of backlinks

In this step we check manually those links which are found broken, because many times the tool may not work properly and so. After checking that all links are correctly broken or not.
Also check those broken links for backlinks it get and its quality.
You can use ahrefs and majestic, both are most effective tools to check quality of backlinks. Now move to next step

get backlink from brokenlinks

step 4:-contact webmaster and ask to change the link

In this step we contact the webmaster to let him know that i found this broken link on your website, you should change it. check mine link related to it.
Note:- No one will link your article if it not related to broken link, or not a quality content.
We are going to now notify the website or blog holder about a broken link or 404 page found on their webpage.
We should notify them as a fan of his webpage or as a webmaster and suggest to improve his SEO.
You can find contact of webmaster from contact us page or email provided by admin. Just let him know by email.
There is many formate of email like

Hi admin,

I m serching on (specific topic) and i come to your website.

It very helpful to me but, unfortunately i found (this url) broken on your page or i found a 404 page on your website.

You should change it.


(anchor text)


However i have recently wrote a article on (this topic) you might like to place it here.

(article name)


Keep it up

(your name)

(Your website)


If you try to get more backlinks from non related niche then may be your website affected and penalized by google penguin.
Backlinks can drive more traffic to your blog whether it is dofollow or nofollow.
In nofollow backlinks you can not increase domain authority but it helps to drive lots of traffic.
For example Wikipedia has nofollow backlink. if you link your article to Wikipedia then it sends lots of visitor to your website.

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