Pros and Cons of Google RankBrain for SEO

Pros and Cons of Google RankBrain for SEO

Overview of Google RankBrain updates

In 2015, Google introduced new system of ranking which added another layer to its existing ranking algorithm. This is a machine learning intelligence system which assists Google to realize its search queries. Google RankBrain embeds written language into vectors so that the computer can understand easily.

Google rankbrain for seo

Steve Jefferson, top manager of analytic department at Assignment Masters, said: “You know that Google receives more than 3 billion search queries daily and 10% of those are completely new and identified as never-seen-before results by Google. So in this very case Google RankBrain realizes its main function. It translates all these new quires, defines them and sends those new meanings back to the user. “

RankBrain does a great job in dealing with a vast amount of Google queries, but not all of them. However, it mainly focuses on the content that may not contain the very words used in searches. This can happen when user writes long tail keywords or a phrase that can have more than 3 or 4 words. RankBrain helps Google to better understand future complicated searches and convert them into more simple content for the searchers.

In a nutshell, Rank Brain is able of getting and recognizing new items and updating them into a new results page as to its new knowledge.

RankBrain’s Influence on SEO Community

With its new intelligence system RankBrain does affect SEO community. Generally, its influence on SEO is not as huge as you can imagine.

It is a new update in search quires which helps users and gives them better experience.

The SEO practices should be followed as usual, content must be fresh and web pages should load quickly. Users should feel satisfaction while visiting your website and never leave your page (Bounce rate) because of loading time and boring content.

Actually SEO fundamentals have remained the same, but a little change have occurred.

Probably we do not know much about RankBrain but we know so far that Google wants the web to be a place where users can search easily and without additional efforts.

Creating engaging, keyword rich and unique content has always been critical to SEO and in case of RankBrain this fact has not changed.

When developing SEO campaign, every marketer has planned carefully what keywords to use related to the context and will be easily found by search engines. For SEO campaign, it has been on top to define keywords relevant to your business your client scan search for.

In case of wrong keywords, that is people never search for them, your SEO campaign will be just a waste of time from the very beginning.
RankBrain will mostly effect on this part of SEO, that is defining correct keywords to be searched by people.

With the changes RankBrain can take over time, your SEO campaign must be agile and responsive to the modifications in the frames of search rankings.

Advantages of Google Rankbrain

1.One of the main advantages of RankBrain is to help SEO to offer more relevant search features.

Thanks to RankBrain, businesses which have not ranked on top places in search engines now can get great results with the help of RankBrain intelligence system.

So if you plan to start your business, be ready to enjoy success from the very beginning in the framework of keywords, which will place your business on top rankings.

2.Due to its unique intelligence system, Google RankBrain is able to analyze your content to appear more readable, relevant and simple.

In case you produce content which can be somehow complex for the reader, Google RankBrain will do its best to make your content as understandable as possible.

So never mind while using technical and difficult terms. When people search words similar to those, Google RankBrain will convert them simple expressions and return back to the searcher in a very readable form.

Google Rankbrain update mistakes according to spammers

1.Websites which paid no big attention to their content now may have some problems with this.

Google RankBrain specifically focuses on well-organized content and based on that, your content can be ranked high on search engines.

Foe RankBrain to better rank your content, you should now publish enough to have domination over content, answer more questions, and questions people has never asked.

2.Websites with low speed, microdata and other technical errors can really suffer from RankBrain as it clearly ranks your website based on these factors.

So now you learned how important it is to focus on technical improvements, which is now more important that before.


Google RankBrain is new to the market and during time Google makes lots of changes to different parts of it. Modifications to search algorithm happen frequently so you should be more attentive to all of this to plan your SEO strategy carefully and relevant to your business. If you are still stick to SEO best practices, than you are on the path to an eventual success.


William Grigsby is a freelance writer. He can write and research in a wide variety of industries but focused on SEO.

William was writing in this space for 2 successful years. Feel free to follow him on Twitter @willgrgsb

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  1. I definitely see those Rankbrain advantages William and Paras. I would add; great deal to remind us that the focus should still be on sticking to the fundamentals. Get your keywords down pat, offering rich value and persistently stay on topic to see sweet SEO benefits.


  2. Hey,
    Thank you, William and Paras for giving the opportunity to read this awesome article. I have now the clear view of Rankbrain after reading this post.
    A great update on Google I must say. Low page load speed and not well-organized post must need pay penalty. On the other hand, well-organized and relevant content with audience needs information will get great rank.
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