Want to reduce bounce rate – use this 12 Secret Techniques

Want to reduce bounce rate – use this 12 Secret Techniques

What is bounce rate? and how to reduce bounce rate?

We know in every website the highest bounce rate is of the landing page. The main reason for increasing website bounce rate is either you are getting wrong website traffic or you are getting exactly right traffic.

However experts says that google is not using google analytics data (bounce rate)for ranking, but if visitors are bounce from SERP then it will Definitely Affect.

Reduce bounce rate guide

What is Bounce Rate?

Bounce rate is a percentage of a visitors who comes to a website and leave without clicking another page is called bounce rate.

Bounce rate calculator

Bounce rate = (total bounces/total entrances)*100

Experts says that if your websites bounce rate if below 65% then it is good, if between 65-80% then you should optimize it and of above 80% then something going wrong.

How to reduce bounce rate

There is lots of ways which can reduce your website’s bounce rate. Here we are going to see the effective ways that can definitely reduce bounce rate.

1. Improve website readability

When a visitor comes to your website then definitely they are looking for some information. If your website’s readability is not good then he/she will exit your website and goes to your competitors website.

The first impression is last impression. So, make sure your website or blog is easily readable.

Make your website color and contrast which can loved by users.

2. formatting

Don’t just write in any paragraph with a single heading. You should use subheading like H1, H2, H3. That may be easy to read and also looks good.

You can also use bullet points to make the article more attractive when needed.

Also you can use bold text at the targeted keywords or a important keywords in paragraph.

To make readers more engaging Use charts of case study and detailed images which are providing lots of information because image worth a thousands of words.

If you have screenshot of website or quotes from famous writers or experts, you should use in the article.

Experts also says that add a quick read or conclusion at the end of your article so, that if your website readers missed something that can be covers there.

And at the lase ask any question at the bottom of article and tell your readers to answer in comments, so it makes the user engaged.

if we are looking at any specific topic in the above phrase (improve website readability), then a thought comes in our mind that what is connection between all the topics and bounce rate but but at the end of this article, after reading the full article and put all the tips together you will definitely able to optimize website’s landing page bounce rate.

so, it is necessary to optimize for easy to read format.

3. Internal linking

If you are looking for decreasing google bounce rate of your blog then this topic will 100% help you.

When a user comes to your blog for specific information and he/she get the information which he looking for then definitely they will close the blog or clicks on back button.

Here visitors actually getting a right information but the bounce rate is going to increase, in that case you can add some internal linking to your blog.

I mean if a visitor looking for definition of SEO, and he comes to your blog. After getting the right definition he will exit your blog but if you have put some links like how to SEO, and Seo tips and tricks. Then may be he may like to read more about SEO.

And this way they clicks on any links from your article and it helps to decrease analytics bounce rate. So, internal linking is important for reducing bounce rate.

4. Website loading speed

Obviously no one likes to wait till your website loads and then he read your article instead he will exit and looks for another website.

Website loading speed is also a ranking factor because google and your website readers both hate slow loading website.

So, try to make your website loads faster and users will love it.

According to study amazon says that increase of 1.5 second in loading time of their website can leads to decrease millions of revenue at the end of year.

You may like to read how to increase website loading speed to decrease average bounce rate.

5. Lots of Ads

Users visit your website or blog for some information. they come to read your blog not to see advertise.

So, always try to put advertising as low as possible.

I means not to remove all advertising from your blog but atleast try to make not annoying visitors.

The ad publisher networks like google adsense always try to deliver the related advertise either of your content or your visitors.

6. Don’t use pop-ups

don't use annoying popups
Say no to Popups

Suppose you visit any website for a specific information and at the time of loading they ask you to subscribe for a newsletter or any like a Facebook page or anything else via pop-ups.

It is annoying for visitors. Instead of that you can use your pop-ups at the time of when user going to leave your website.

If he/she likes your article or website then definitely they want to signup for newsletter or will like your page.

There is lots of email marketing tools available that can help you for seo optimized popup like optinmonster.

7. Content is Everything

If the user will not find what they are looking for then they will exit and i think never comes to your website back again.

Because in the first visit of your website they have to close  and searching for another website.

So, make the quality content and hence users will also love to read even more from you.

Write long and detailed article and try to provide information about the topic as maximum as possible.

You can also use reference links or you should link to another website that can helps users to understand easily.

This way user’s faith you is increase and you can build good relationship between readers and other website owners.

Now suppose if any visitors comes to your website or blog and they find a awesome article, they read the full article and exit. this happens because you are not providing another purpose to related articles.

Try to link to related article from your blog and external websites.

8. Website Navigation

provide easy nevigation

Design your website’s menu bar for easy to navigate.

Because if any visitors like your landing page and wants to read more from your website but due to poor navigation they will exit.

All the main categories and main page should be at the menu bar and according to your website or blog you should design it.

You should set search bar in  above the fold area of your website so, users can search easily.

And the search bar should be 27 character long but you should set according to your users requirement.

You can see the menu bar set for allrecipes and shopstyle uk website.

There are lots of common websites navigation mistakes, check for yours.

9. Use Infographic

use infographics

If you have any good infograhic which can provide good information about the topic then you should use it.

Users will also like it and may be possible in future they want to link you.

If you provide the detail what users want then they will also visit your another related article.

And infographics helps you to decrease bounce rate.

10. Use Video

If possible, then make a short video about your article and links it to your website, users will like to see video and it increase in engagement.

11. Responsive Website

Make sure you are using responsive layout of website because in now a days many users are using mobile phone to surf web.

So make your website mobile friendly and in the desktop check your browser compatibility because some users like Mozilla Firefox and some like google chrome and some like opera.

So, check for every browser to make it easy to surf.

12. Other ways to reduce bounce rate

  • Stop auto play audio or video, because no one will like that they open your website and a suddenly video or audio is auto played, it can increase your bounce rate.
  • If you are using website for your business then it it must to set call to action button at your landing page so user can do that.
  • and the contact form and email address should be there for every customers to get in touch easily.
  • Use google analytics and check if the high bounce rate page is due to double meaning keyword or not. Because it is possible that user are searching some another information and Search engine listed you at first page of SERP.
  • In the case of international website traffic If your website is in English language and it might possible that you are getting japan’s visitors to your website. In that case you should install language converter like google translator any other.
  • For business website move some information to another page like price table and specifications.
  • If you have just started website and have lots of designs then you can use A/B testing to choose the best and converting design for your website.
  • Make external websites opening in new tab instead of existing one.
  • Use simple language
  • Correct your spellings and grammar
  • Optimize spacing between lines and paragraph


so, finally using all this tips including optimizing readability, correct website formatting, Internal linking, Website Speed, Annoying ads, popups, content is everything, Easy navigation, Using infographic, using Video, Responsive design, you can optimize your website’s bounce rate.

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