image optimization for seo

image optimization for seo

In now a days image optimization for seo is must to drive more traffic and also it is good for on page seo. Because google image search can increase website traffic if your images are optimized for seo.

What is image optimization in seo

Image optimization in seo is to upload a image with informative tag so, search engines can understand what is this image about and which information contains this image.
You can see a report on how traffic increase of website after image optimization.
The tags and information we provide for image to search engine is contain term like image name, alt attribute, image description, title text, captions, image size, image type etc.

Name of image

The first and important term in image optimization for seo is image name.
Don’t use image name which one was given by camera like DSC9586.jpg, because search engine unable to find much information from it.
Instead you can use revelent name of image that what is this image about.
Image name should be descriptive and keyword rich, because black-cat.jpg is better than cat.jpg.
For good seo practice use hyphens instead of space in image name.

  • blackcat – poor
  • black cat.jpg- better
  • black-cat.jpg – best

Alt attribute

wp image attribution to improve image optimization in seo
wp image upload with attribute

Do you know how to seo friendly in alt text for image? This is necessary because the most important tag in image optimization for seo is alt attribute.
Alt attribute is used to tell search engine about what information is contained by an image?
Means search engine can not identify image and what information an image is contains, so alt attribute used to help search engine to tell about what is this image about?
Also when some times a search engine unable to load image then alt text will be displayed in place of image, so readers can understand that here is an image about this alt text but it can’t load.
When a user mouse over to image then also the alt text will be displayed in internet explorer.
Always use a short and descriptive alt text for an image so search engine can easily understand and also to give a great user experience.
If your website or blog is about to e-commerce and if you are uploading an image of a product then mention model and serial number in alt tag.
To be remember that keyword stuffing in alt text is strictly prohibited by google.
See what matt cut from google say about alt text.

Image size

Here we are doing image optimization for seo, so it is important to us to take note about image size.
Because after google panda update speed is also a ranking factor.
In terms of e-commerce an image size of 70 kb is maximum for good seo image.
So, to increase speed of a webpage you must reduce image size.
To reduce image size there are many tool available for image compression, like Photoshop, pic monkey.
An offline image editor a photoshop is great tool and when using it just save the file as save as web, it will compress maximum it is possible.

Image type

a related image type of image is necessary for good image optimization.
We are generally seeing three type of image .jpeg, .gif, .png

  • JPEG(recommended)

Jpeg is most popular image type using in this days on internet. Because it support most complex images also which one was taken by high quality camera.
If hardly compressed then it loss its quality but human cannot recognize that.
It does not support transparency.

  • GIF

Gif is lower in quality than jpeg,
Mostly it is used in animation effect.
See this guide of how to use gif in marketing.

  • PNG

Mostly used in logos and graphics.

Png also support more colour than jpeg and gif but the file size !, means a file with same quality of png is larger than jpeg.
Also it loss lower in quality when it is compressed.
You can use image publishing guide line for detailed information from google.

Read more about image file formats from Wikipedia.

Upload Image sitemap to image optimization in seo

Google recommended to submit a image sitemap to index images from your webpage easily.
It helps google to know more detail about you images and also easy to index images.
You can also add additional information about image in sitemap like tags and geo locations.

Captions and title text

User likes to read captions four times more than body text

Captions are displayed quick under the image. User can input caption text while uploading.
So, be informative and help readers to explain what is this image about?
May be some times it happens, that you want to tell another thing from image and use will understand another thing by misunderstanding.
So, it helps to explain easily that what information or mention contains this image.
The another one is title. Also this is important for seo because when use mouse over the image then the title text will be displayed in google chrome.
So to explain it easily and also you can use call to action in title text.
Don’t forget to input title text, it may be same to image name but try to different it if possible.

Image description

In CMS like word press it gives option to input all attribution in image while uploading image.
Description of image should contain deeply explanation of image.
If the image is correctly descripted then it is good to image optimization for seo and also get easy to google search indexing.
A fast running black dog is better than black dog and is better than dog and so on.
So, try to be more informative in image description.

Height and width tag

fix size and linking of image to image optimization for seo
input size and linking of image

Always check while uploading and image that a correctly height and width tag is mentioned or not, if not than do it.
Because if image size is big than content area of your blog or website then it is not good user experience.
Also it will increase load time of website cause big size loads first and then converted it to revelent body size.

Image linking

It is also possible to link image with another webpage like anchor text.
So, be careful about it. If necessary then try to give link to an image and don’t forget to remove link from image if you don’t want to do this.

How to image optimization in seo for web without losing quality

To reduce the file size of image you will need image compressor, it will helps you in image compression and also good for best seo practice and necessary to image optimization for seo.
The websites and tools i m listing here will be useful to you to optimize and compress image for web without losing quality.
Tiny pngTinypng is best tool to compress image , i use this tool.
picmonkeypicmonkey is popular online image editor were you can resize, crop and many photo editing options available.
pixlrpixlr is also a online photo editor like Photoshop, where you can create image and edit and existing photo from your computer
All are great tools and good for image optimization without losing quality. It can reduce size and compress images.

Free images sources

It is very bad habit to use other’s images without taking permission and giving credit to them.
Copyrighted images may put you in great trouble.
Either you can use to make your image or find a free images from websites mentions below.
FlickrFlickr is popular for image, where you can get many free images, but check for commercial use and modification labels.
Pixabay– from pixabay you can get all free images with high quality.
Google image searchBe careful while taking images from google image search, not all images are permitted to use for commercial use or for editing and reuse.

find free images using google image search
google image search

Try to search with labeled for reuse with modifications.

Extra tip for image optimization for seo

To become use friendly try you image not to put at line break means is a sentence starts with a image right and ends after image then it may not counted as user friendly(-yoast seo).
You can get more information from shocking truth about graphics.
A last but not least, also important the place of image where are you putting the image.
If the surround text is not related to image than the user will like to escape or may be it, disattract the users and disturb in reading, user will think like why this image putted here, what it wants to tell? etc..
So, be careful while fixing the image place.


To get on top of google search everyone must upload images with detailed and correctly, also size and loading speed matters.

A good place of photo and content related image may increase website traffic with reputation and leave a good impression on readers and also good to image optimization for seo, so be informative.

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  1. Great post, couldn’t agree more! You definitely don’t want your blog to have bad quality images as well as those that are not related. Throws the reader off! Thank you for sharing!!

  2. Hi viewers,

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    You can also reduce a ppt size by using this powerful online tool in the same way.You can interchange colors using the existing colors of the image.Surprisingly such changes makes no difference in the look of the image.

    I am sure this tool is going to help you in the same way as it has helped me.Do try it once and share your experience.In case you have any other suggestion please do post.

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