how to start a wordpress blog

So, you want to start a wordpress blog. First of all choosing wordpress as your blogging platform is your important decision. Because i had started my blog with free blogger platform but then i moved to wordpress because it gives you more customization.

How to start a wordpress blog

Here is the complete guide about how to start a wordpress blog in six steps.

  1. Choose your blogging platform
  2. Choose a domain name
  3. Select web host and install wordpress
  4. Customizing wordpress and choose a blog theme
  5. Add posts and pages in wordpress
  6. Get traffic and monetize your blog

1.Choose your blogging platform

There are lots of free blogging platforms available in market like blogger, drupal etc.. but the wordpress is best from all free blogging platform.

Why i recommended to choose wordpress as blogging platform?

  • As i mentioned above there are lots of free blogging platforms and content management system(CMS) available in market but wordpress gives more customization.
  • WordPress is user friendly.
  • No technical(coding) knowledge required.
  • There are over 10000 free and paid themes available for wordpress.
  • 50000+ plugins available for wordpress.
  • WordPress has active and very helpful forum for users.

Why You shouldn’t start a Free blog

  • Because free blogging platforms has not more control in hand of users.
  • Very less customization.
  • And many more limitations for users.

As now you have decided to start a wordpress blog now it’s time to choose your domain name for your blog.

2.Choose a domain name to start a blog

Your blog’s domain name is your first impression on your blog readers.

So, here are some tips on choosing a domain name.

  • Select the domain which is easy to write.
  • Keep it as possible as short.
  • Make no use of hyphens and numbers.
  • Make it easy to pronounce.
  • choose the right extension.
  • Use your keywords in domain name.

Choosing a domain is important because you will not going to change it anymore and this will remain same till the lifetime of your blog.

Keep in mind that your domain name will affect on ranking of your blog.

Generally the charge for domain name is $10/year but I will give you a free domain name in next step, just keep reading.

3. Select web host and install wordpress

What is Web host?

Web host is service that keeps your blog accessible foe everyone. It stores all the files, images and content that your blog has display it to visitors.

You know lots of web hosting service provider available in market some of them are good and some of them are bad.

Some web hosting company provides you a same service in cheap price and some of them provides the same service in high rates. So, which one you should choose?

Because if you select the cheap web host then may be the chance to breakdown your blog again and again any many other problems related your blog.

Some web host will not provides you a good customer support.

So, i recommend Bluehost as a best web host for wordpress. Not only me, the wordpress official website also believes that bluehost is best web host for wordpress.

Why i recommend to choose Bluehost as a best web host for wordpress blog? 

  • It is officially recommended by WordPress
  • 1- click wordpress installation
  • You can get it from Only $3.95/mo with free domain name
  • Good customer support

Read Bluehost review here.

Now, just follow the steps to start a wordpress blog

How To Start A WordPress Blog In Five Steps

  1. Choose web hosting platform
  2. Choose the hosting plan
  3. Pick a domain name for your blog
  4. Complete registration process
  5. Install wordpress
  6. Login and write a blog post

1. Choose web hosting platform to start a blog

As we are going to step by step how to start a wordpress blog with bluehost. So, now bluehost is your hosting platform.

Now follow the steps.

Go to Bluehost and click on”Get started now“. You can also use this link to get a free domain for your blog.

Blue host sign up wordpress

After click on get started now this will takes you to select the hosting plan page.

2. Choose the hosting plan

Now, choose your hosting plan. If you want to host a single blog then choose basic plan otherwise plus plan.


Choose hosting plan bluehost


Click at select button on a plan you choose. This will takes you to choose your domain name screen.

3. Pick a domain name for your blog

Pick a domain name for your blog


If you already have a purchased domain name then write it into a “i have a domain name” box and click on next.

But if you don’t have domain name and you want to buy a new domain name then write your domain name in “new domain” box.

Now choose good and suitable extension for your blog from dropdown menu.

Now click on next. This will takes you to complete the registration process.

4. Complete registration process

Now, fill all the correct detail in the registration form.

complete registration process

This will ask you for your name address and contact information.

Pick a package information for your blog

Select your account plan. I recommend to choose for 36 month plan to get a best price rate.

And don’t forget to uncheck all the add-on box like domain privacy protection, site backup pro, search engine jumpstart and sitelock security. That are good services but not required to start a wordpress blog.

your payment information

Fill the detail and click on check box i agree and then hit the submit button.

bluehost welcome page

After successfully registered on bluehost you will need to choose a password.

After completing the registration process now it’s time to install wordpress.

5. Install wordpress

Now, login to your bluehost control panel by visiting

This will takes you to control panel of your bluehost hosting.

bluehost control panel

Find the “Install WordPress” option from the screen and click on install wordpress.


do it yourself wordpress installation

They will ask you for paid installation service or do it your self. Choose the”Do it your self” option from that and you will redirect the screen shown above.

Click on install button.

choose domain name and directory

Select your domain name from the drop down menu and leave the directory empty, Go to next.

The wordpress will be install automatically.

site name, user name and password for your blog

Now login to your bluehost account and click on My sites> Creat site.

Choose your site name and theme(You can also do it later.)

Now login to your wordpress account.

For more detail you can visit Bluehost blog .

6. Login into wordpress

Now you can login to your wordpress account by visiting

Write your username and password, you choose at the time of installation.

Congratulations! You are right at your wordpress control panel.

4. Customizing wordpress and choose a blog theme

At the first time login of your blog your dashboard of wordpress might looks like here.

your wordpress dashboard

We are going to understand some words which will you use in future or at the time of customization.

In the left panel of your dashboard you will see the following tabs.

Dashboard :-

In the dashboard you can see all the details of your wordpress blog like total posts, total pages, total comments and more. Don’t worry about it, we will see all the terms in detail later.


Posts tab displays the list of all your wordpress blog posts you have published on your blog and a draft posts. At the time of beginning this may shows you a hello world post. You should delete the hello world post.

You can also add new post from here.


The media tab shows all your photos and pdf and all the files you have uploaded on your wordpress blog. You can add or upload new media file from here also you can delete any file from here.


The pages tab displays the list of all your pages you have published on your wordpress blog. You can add new page from here.


The comments tab displays all the comments which your readers have wrote on your post. You can approve,modify and delete the comments from here.


The appearance tab is for customization and many other options. Generally the wordpress blog theme, widgets and menus are customized from here.


From the plugins tab you can install new plugin for your blog ans also can see and delete your previously installed plugins.


You can see all your users and subscriber here. Also you can see your profile here.


The tools tab is for more customization and easy to use tools. We will see it later.


The setting tab is for your wordpress website or blog setting. We will need all the tabs later at time of setting your blog.

At the time of start a blog you need to change a little setting which is of permalinks.

Go to Setting > Permalinks Now choose the URL format which you want to choose for your wordpress blog.

Move to next step, it is time to choose a theme.

Choose a theme for your wordpress blog :-

Now it’s time to choose a theme for your wordpress blog. WordPress provides lots of free themes.

Keep in mind that you can change it any time. So, we are going to get any free theme at this time.

To choose a theme for your wordpress blog go to Appearance>Theme. You will find Appearance tab at the left panel of your dashboard.

choose a theme

After Choosing Add new you will find the following screen.

choose free theme for start a blog

Mouse over on any theme There you will find two option for install and preview. Select any good theme you would like to choose and install it.

For more option you can use feature filter option from upper tab.

But remember to choose a fast responsive and seo optimized theme.

You can also buy a new theme from My theme shop and vertigo studio.

5. Add posts and pages in wordpress blog

Now it’s time to publish your first post or page in wordpress blog.

Go to Posts > Add New from left side of wordpress blog admin panel and than you can see your post screen.

Add new post in your blog


From the above screen shot you can see the number 1.

This is text box for your post title The post title is the title of your article. The slug(URL of your post) will automatically set same as your post title, you can change your blog post slug.

Number 2 is near the add  media button. We can add images, video, pdf or any other wordpress supported files here.

At the number 3 this is menu tab from where you can format your text.

Font formatting like bold, italic and text color can be changed from here. We can also add link from this menu.

We can see the text paragraph is a drop down menu. In the article different headings like H1, H2, H3 can be set from here.

The number 4 is a text area where your article text will be written.

If you don’t want to publish a post at the time of writing and want to publish it later then you can save a draft near number 5.

After completing a blog post you can preview your article, how it will be look after publishing.

Now, after your  blog post is ready you can publish it from the publish button near number 6.

Also you can add new page same way just go to Pages > Add New from the left side panel of your wordpress blog.

6. Get traffic to your wordpress blog and monetize to make money

Now, your wordpress blog is ready. Congratulations for that.

How to start getting traffic to your wordpress blog.

Make social media profile and pages for your wordpress blog and start sharing on social media like facebook, twitter etc.

Here is a detail guide on how to increase traffic to your wordpress blog.

Add your wordpress blog on google analytics.

Start keyword research and do SEO(search engine optimization).

Setup your google adsense profile and put ad on your blog to make money from it.

You can also make money from a wordpress blog using affiliate marketing.

If have start a blog using this guide and want a help from me, you can contact to me anytime. I will do my best to help you. And if you found this article helpful then don’t forget to share it with your friends.

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    Well done in this writing dude to make understand the begineers. Starting a wordpress blog is quite hard for the freshers but after have a walk on this article, it’s become easy. Thank you.

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