what is long tail keywords and how to use?

what is long tail keywords and how to use?

If you don’t aware to long tail keywords, then this post contains it’s meaning and after that we are going to in deep study about long tail keyword tools. Also we have mentioned some example of long tail keywords to understand it easily, majority benefit of long tail keywords.

Long tail keywords: Effective use = traffic + sell

To get increase website traffic and sells from your website, use long tail keywords.
An effective use of long tail keywords always help to drive more traffic to your website or blog and reach to a great sell report.
Let’s see how to use it effectively? First of all…

What is Long tail keywords?

Long tail keywords means a phrase with three or more words to point at a specific product or anything.
Generally most of webmaster define long tail as a three or more words, but it not meant that any three or more words are a long tail keyword.
Long tail keyword also may be made of two words but the real mean of long tail keywords is to define specificity.
for example nike shoes is not long tail keyword but nike sport shoes for men is long tail keyword.

long tail example
long tail

Example of long tail keywords

Word:- website traffic
Long tail keywords for website traffic are :-

  • Check website traffic free online
  • check website traffic google
  • Website traffic generator
  • Website traffic checker free
  • Drive website traffic for free
  • How to get free website traffic

Benefits of long tail keywords

Long tail keywords are less competitive and also lower in cost to advertisement.
It may have lower in monthly search but it helps to increase search engine rank and also used to drive more traffic to your website
Long tail keywords are also believed to get helps in more sells through website.
Also report says that the post with long tail keywords have get more shares in social media.
If you use long tail keyword then it helps to drive more visitors to your website and then it converts to daily visitors and so more sells from your website.
Use the long tail seo keyword optimization guide to get more profit from it..

When i started targetting long tail keywords, i increase my search engine organic traffic to 173336 visitors per month- Neil patel

Long tail keyword generator

To find good long tail keyword there is many tool available in internet for free, you can use it to keyword research to make it more effective.
Some of most popular i m going to list here, if you have any better than it then just let me know by comment.

  • Wordstream

Wordstream is popular keyword research tool to generate long tail keyword.
Open wordstream keyword tool and put your word into box and click on get keyword ideas.

long tail keyword generator tool

For example i have search here for website traffic and you can see in result select any long tail keyword from it related to your search query.

  • Keywordtool.io

Keywordtool.io is also a great tool for keyword research. It is simple tool to get long tail keywords.
Generally it display results from google but it is easy to use.
Just go to the website and type your text and then it will display many results related to your query select your revelent from it.

keywordtoll to find long tail keyword

For example i have searched for website traffic it shows list of result.

  • Hittail

To use hittail go to website and same as input text and get ideas. Image shows how it works.

fing long tail keywords from hittail
Hittail keyword tool
  • Soovle

soovle is also one of the popular tool to get long tail keywords. Go to the website and type your word in searchbox the result will display automatically.

See this image i have typed website traffic and it shows a result in lots of phrase.

soovle website for long tail keyword tool

How to find long tail keywords using google keyword tool

Google keyword tool is most popular in terms of keyword research because many webmasters use it to find long tail keyword and related keywords.
It also helps to find how many search occurs per months and many other data.
Just go to google keyword tool and put your text into box and click on get ideas, it will shows you a list of results with search data from google search.
See below image i searched for website traffic and it shows a result for it from it i can select my revelent long tail keyword from it.

fing long tail keyword from google keyword planner
google keyword planner

another tool from google to find alternative keyword is from google related search, shown in image.

Every time you search anything in google search it shows people also search for or search related section at bottom page

find alternative keywords from google related search
google related search

How to use long tail keywords in content effectively?

As i have mentioned not only use long tail keyword but the effective use of long tail keywords drive more traffic to your website and also leads to generate more sells from your website.
First of all know what is long tail keyword? then think about how to use long tail keyword because by wrong use(miss use) of it may be your website slapped by google.

Step 1:- Read learn and think about it, just don’t make your website a keyword farm.
First step in long tail keyword use is to research for it. As i mentioned above there are many tool available for keyword research.
You can use google keyword planner, Semrush, wordstream, keywordtool.io, hittail anyone you like.
Using this find only your topic related keyword from it.

Step 2:- Now make your post full of rich content, cause only use long tail keyword does not drive much traffic.
Take note about it  your post should be linkable so more people will share on social media.
Also use related variants of keywords in your post to make more searchable on search engine.
Make sure your subheading is alternative of your heading.
The long tail keyword becomes more effective with use of important modifier.

Step 3:- Think like you are searching on some topic from internet, means think like a local user.
Heading makes posts more viral so use long tail keywords in heading and in the first paragraph use alternative of your keywords.
You can also use your keywords in your anchor text.
Again i m telling you that first optimize long tail keywords otherwise your website get google penalty.

Research on long tail keywords

It is state that 70% of monthly search traffic is comes from long tail keywords in search engine.

long tail keywords search chart
search chart

Image from hittail.com

We can see from above image a long tail keywords can also helps us to drive more traffic and majority search occurs from long tail keywords.

So, just be more specify and use related long tail keywords to get in top at search engine result pages.



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