what are meta tags and how to use meta tags for seo

what are meta tags and how to use meta tags for seo

In this article we are going to include what are meta tags, how to properly use meta tags for seo and list of all necessary meta tags and unnecessary meta tags for search engine optimization.

what is meta tags and how to use meta tags for seo

What are mata tags?

Meta tags are HTML text that describe the content of webpage to the search engines. Generally Meta tags does not appears in webpage but this contains information for search engines.

Users can view meta tags of any webpage by right click on webpage and then VIEW PAGE SOURCE in google chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

Meta tags for seo:-

Here we are going to see a list of most of meta tags which can affect your website’s SEO.

  • Meta description tag :-

Meta description in SERP example for description meta tags

Meta description tag is a briefly explained snippet of the information contains in the webpage.

The meta description tag is used in SERP (search engine result pages) for users to show what is this page about?.

Meta description tag is important for SEO as well as not, because google can pick randomly snippets from your webpage according to user’s search query.

But to attract users to visit your webpage, description tag is important.

<meta name="description" content="Describe the brief explanation here about 160 charater">

Also note that your targeted keywords in meta description tag will not going to increase your ranking but it can harm for your website seo as a keyword stuffing if you use it for numbers of time.

As i mentioned above meta description tag is also not going to increase your website ranking but for search engine it helps to show information in SERP and for users to let them know about your webpage.

Do not use keywords repeatedly in description tag.

For best seo practice set the meta description tag to 150-160 characters, and describe briefly what the page is about?

  • Meta keywords :-

Meta keywords are used to set your targeted keywords in the webpage.

But in now days meta keywords is not a ranking factor.

Google suggest not to waste your time to set keyword tag, but if it is automated process for your website then let them do, it does not harm seo.

From 2007 meta keywords tag is no more important for seo but to keep communication between readers and you, it is ok.

<meta name="keywords" content="your targeted keywords separated by comma">
  • Meta title tag :-

Title tag is most important in all the meta tags.

Users can see on top of browsers tab about title tag of all the webpages.

If you have set different title for webpage and different title tag for webpage then search engines always count title tag as a title of the webpage.

This tag does not start with meta.

<title>Your Webpage Title</title>

title tag for earnonblog, explained meta tags

The highlighted texts are title tag of a webpage.

This is important tag because of this tag counted as a ranking factor.

Search engine will store the information about your title tag and display to users whether is search query match.

For best seo practice make the title tag maximum 60 character long.

Make the title unique to increase ranking and get on top of SERP for specific query.

As recommended by yoast seo and moz put your important keyword first in title tag.

  • Meta robots :-

Meta robots tag are used to tell search engine that what to do with the webpage.

<meta name=”robots” content=”noindex” />

By default all the webpages are set to index, follow.

Means is no meta tag are set then search engine crawlers take them as to index, follow.

  1. Index:- Tell search engine to index the page and show in SERP.
  2. Noindex:- It tells search engine not to index the page and don’t show this webpage in SERP.
  3. Follow:- It tells search engine to follow all the links in the webpages and the links is trusted.
  4. Nofollow:- It tells search engine not to follow the links on webpages.

If you want to follow the links and not to index the webpage then just add the noindex tag.

And if you want not to follow the links on webpage and index the webpage and show in SERP then add only nofollow tag.

  • Meta content type :-

To declare your website’s character set is important to have a meta content type tag on every webpages of website.

For example,

<meta http-equiv=”Content-Type” content=”text/html; charset=utf-8 or ISO-8859-1″>

  • Meta view report content:-

For the best mobile user experience the meta view report must be set to webpages.

Because a ranking for mobile experience is also now ranking for your website SEO.

Google recommended this to set correctly.

For example,

<meta name=viewport content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1">
  • Meta site verification :-

Moz recommended to make your <head> area clean as much as possible.

So, as a website owner you should verify your website on google, bing etc.

But try to verify your website from google by external file or DNS instead of XML code.

I think Bing provide only xml option to verify your website.

Other tags:-

  • Language tag:-

Every website should set their primary language or webpage. You can find your language tag from W3School.

  • Canonical tag:-

For eCommerce and other website canonical tag must be set correctly for increase ranking and prevent issue of duplicate.

  • Author tag:-

Google shows a rich snippet of author before 2014, but now a days it is just waste of time to set author tag.

  • Alt tag for Image:-

Google can not see your images but it can read your alt tag for image. See how to set alt tag for image correctly and image optimization for seo.

  • Open graph tag for social:-

In the year of 2010 Facebook introduce open graph, To fetch information about a webpage from third party website to social.

  1. og:description:-To set description of webpage for socialmedia.
  2. og:image:- To set image of webpage for socialmedia.
  3. og:title:- To set title of webpage for social media share.
  4. og:type:- To set type of your webpage like image,video,text etc..
  5. og:url:- To set a defferent url for social media share.

If you not add this tag to your website then b default it use your original webpage tag like meta (description,title,type,url).

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  • News keywords:-

From all webmasters only some of us know about News keywords tag.

If you have any news of domestic or international news and want to show your website in google news then add this tag to your webpage.

But use only if you have quality and real news otherwise google will ignore your tags and might remove from google news.

See how to set news keywords tag for news websites.

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There are many other tags like Revisit after, rating, expiration/date, copyright, abstract, distribution, generator, cache control, resource type. But none of them are as important as above and some of this are just a waste of time.

So, don’t over do it for SEO and make your head area as clean as possible.

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