improve google search ranking in 2018

improve google search ranking in 2018

Improve google search ranking is one of the must part of seo for webmasters. There are many web metrics which decide your website’s google search ranking. But for better google seo and to improve google search ranking most of webmasters focus on this 15 parameters listed below.

This post contains two sections the first is for on page seo to improve google ranking and second is for off page seo to improve google search ranking.

Improve google search ranking

improve google search ranking
improve google search ranking

1. No short cut of content

The first and most important topic affecting on google search ranking is content.
Always try to publish revelent content from your website because there is no short cut of giving good and revelent content to increase google search ranking.
A revelent content to your website not only liked by users but it also helps to increase authority of website.
Don’t publish short posts.
Publish long post, try to explain in deep because search engines believe that a long post or page  must contains a deeply explanations.
So try to make your post as long as possible, generally the post contains minimum 1000 words have increase chance to get high in google search results.

2. Outbound links

Outbound links or external links help to increase seo rank in google and also good for increase domain authority.
If your post contains your keyword or post related website’s link then it also helps readers to learn easily.
So, make the outbound links to related sites only because the good seo practice recommended that.
Outbound links are generally that links which points to another website from your blog or website.
To get better google search result always link your niche related websites, it helps google to understand your website easily.
Make sure that a website you link has high domain authority.
Always links to that posts which has your topic related queries and content.

3. Website speed to improve google search ranking

In now a days google also counts website speed as a ranking factor.
So, try to make your website loads faster.
There are many ways to increase website speed like to reduce JavaScript, css etc.
Website loading speed also affect on user experience because if a website can’t load in 5sec. then most of users like to escape from it.
An online retail company amazon also say that a speed decrease by mili seconds can decrease a millions of profit at ends of year.
For google high ranking website speed must be high, make possible changes and try to load it faster.
Mostly images from a webpage decrease website speed so do image optimization for improve google ranking.
If you are using WordPress then delete unwanted plugins from it. Plugins also can decrease website speed after deleted unwanted plugins it makes load faster and improve google ranking for word press.

4. Keyword density

Generally there is no fixed % of keyword density on page or post.
But try to mention a keyword as many time as you can, it helps search engines to determine what is this page about?
But be natural, Don’t over do.

It just not looks natural, it should be natural – Matt cutts

For good user experience let the users don’t feel that you have forced this keywords to mention many times on page.
Just try to be natural.
from 0.5% to 4.5% keyword density should count as a natural said by yoast seo(WordPress plugin)

5. Anchor text

Anchor text is a text which is clickable on hyperlink.
It is also a ranking factor, because anchor text tell search engine that what is the topic of this page.
For example, a webpage has anchor text as search engine optimization that means google rank this page for search engine optimization every time.
There are many type of anchor text like

  • Exact match
  • Partial match
  • Branded
  • Naked url
  • Generic
  • Lsi keywords

For better seo don’t use exact match anchor text. And never try to manipulate google by Spam anchor text and all.

6. Internal linking

An easy way to improve google search ranking and also good for seo.
A good internal linking is also helps to decrease bounce rate.
Internal linking means a post or page from a website links to another post on same website or domain.
Internal links pass the link juice and it is use friendly.
From internal links also increase page view and page rank.
A website with good internal links also get easy for search engine to indexing and crawling.

7. Update your website regularly

update regularly to improve google search ranking
Do you Update Your Website Regularly?

To get on top of google one should update website regularly because google love a fresh information.
Keep updated with newer technology and do implement.
Users will love live website not dead websites.
see the top websites like google, facebook, news websites they are on top because they updates daily.
A regularly updated websites also have more users cause they engaging them by uploading and publishing fresh contents.
Regularly updates also helps to increase authority potential.
And if you daily publish your niche related content then obviously it increase keywords cause in increase traffic to your website.

8.Use long tail keywords

It is proven that 70% of google search traffic comes from long tail keywords other 30% traffic comes from all top keywords.
Long tail keywords are more specified queries about a specific product or information, so it helps to decide targeted keywords.
And also a competition is less with use of long tail keywords.
If your website is about an e-commerce then definitely it increase conversation rate.
Long tail keywords are helps to get high rank with less seo.
Also if you are using long tail keywords then less backlinks are required to get higher ranking.

9. Meta tags

Meta tags are used to tell search engine about what this page is about?
It are those details of posts which is not shown on page it self but it helps to search engine crawler.
Without meta tags search engine unable to find the topic or keywords from a page to rank.
To show meta tags just right click on page and click on page source.
Meta tags are placed in head section of HTML.

Meta tags contains:-

  1.  Title– This is title of page shown at top of browser.
  2. Description– A description of information in page. (Make the description click worthy because this is the first phrase which is shown by search engine to users.)
  3. Meta keyword– A keywords which may be typed in search queries.
  4. Robot– An indication to search engine bots what to do with page(index, noindex, follow, nofollow)

10. Mobile friendly

Make the website mobile friendly because in now a days much traffic comes from mobile users.
A mobile friendly website increase user experience and also rank up in google.
To make the website mobile friendly either use responsive template or make a different website for mobile.
Accelerated mobile pages(AMP) is also a great way to increase mobile user friendly experience with speed.
With use of AMP it can increase website speed and traffic because a mobile user will like to escape if a mobile version of website can’t load in 3 sec.
So, make the website mobile friendly and it help to improve google search ranking.

11. Keywords in body and URL

  • Keywords in body

The keywords are part of on page seo so, try to put your targeting keywords in first 100 words, means in first phrase like this post is about improve ranking in google or any topic you have.
Make it natural. don’t do keyword stuffing otherwise your website will be penalized by google.
First of all find a relative keywords and use them natural means use it for human readers not for google bots.
Also you can use related keywords or search queries in your webpage body text.
A good source to find related keywords is google related search.
For example i m here search in google for website traffic then here is a list of related search queries.

use google related search quaries to improve google search ranking
google related search
  • Keywords in URL

How can we forget to use our keywords in URL of webpage.
Make relative use of keywords in URL, so it helps users and also search engine to find easily.
Also use numbers in URL if possible.
You can try to search in google about anything mostly top pages contains numbers in webpage URL like 10 ways, 12 tips etc.
So, an excellent way to increase google search ranking is by using numbers with keywords in webpage URL.

Off page seo for improve google search ranking
Here i m going to listing some of off page seo that will help you to improve google search ranking.

12. Backlinks

Backlinks are the most important in off page seo to get on top of google.
Got more backlinks to get higher rank in google. Backlinks are generally a links which is point at your website or domains from another domains.
Note:- Make aim to get high quality backlinks not only backlinks.
To start building backlinks the first step is remove low quality backlinks because a 20 backlinks from high quality website is better than 100 low quality backlinks.
There are many ways to link building but the  broken link method to get backlinks is the best way to get quality backlinks.
The another one is skyscraper technique suggested by brain dean from backlinko.
Stay updated with google algorithm updates and always follow google guide line it can also helps to improve google search ranking

  • Guest post – Guest post on high authority websites can improve google search ranking cause it gives quality backlinks.
  • Q&a sites – From Q&A sites likes quora you can mention your website in answer and cause in increase traffic with authority.
  • Blog commenting – By comment in others blogs also help to link building.
  • Link round up – Participate in link round up, it is good to get high quality backlinks.

13. Social media

Social media is no more ranking factor but it helps to spread link juice and drive much traffic to your website also a google+ signal may count as ranking factor.
It helps to increase domain authority.

14. Promote your blog

If you have just started website then promoting your blog can helps a lot. There are many free directories available where you can submit your website free.
Social media is also a great way to promote.

15. Google webmaster

Google webmaster is the first tool to use because the error comes from crawling your website is shown at google webmaster.
So, make use of google search console and check your websites indexing, crawling states and help google to make it easy with robots.
You can also use google analytic to improve google search result see this video below.


From this post we can conclude that to improve google search ranking just follow all this 15 steps and try to be natural, as the age of website increase it also improve google search ranking.

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  1. Well done. I have question on #2. Should we no follow an outbound link if the DA is low? How many Outbound link is too much?

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