how to increase ranking on google from google analytics

how to increase ranking on google from google analytics

As we know all the bloggers and website owners wants to increase ranking on google search.

There are many ways to increase ranking on google but here, we are going to rank up website on google from google analytics.

It is easy to track and use google analytics.

How to increase ranking on google using google analytics:-

increase ranking on google

#1. Open google analytics and login to your account

First of all go to your web browser and open google analytics.

I know that most of us know about google analytics but this is for newbies in field of seo.

It will looks like this photo.

increase ranking on google using analytics
google analytics

Now goto analytics.

#2. Find queries to increase google ranking

Now from left panel find Reports and go to Acquisition > Search console > Queries.

search Queries
Find Queries

After goes to queries you will find a Search queries report.

#3. Find and go to advance near a search box right upper to queries report.

Find advance right upper the search queries report

Now, in search query tab Press the drop down arrow.

After that Click on Average Position.

#4. Make the google search queries report.

Now type 10 in the text box near the containing tab and press apply button.

After that the your report will be ready like this, now few more steps to increase ranking on google.

increase google ranking using analystics
search queries report

The keywords or search queries comes in the results are those for what your website or blog are already at top of google, but it is not showing on first google search page.

Try your self and check if the search queries is shown on google search’s first page or not. But if you can some little changes in this post or page your website can increase ranking on google.


Let’s see what will must in the post to increase google search ranking for your website.

First of all make report of all the your keywords which was already at top in google, or those which ranked from 11 to 20.

Now it’s time to some change, open your post related to that search queries.

And Find Keyword density in your post and try to put long tail keywords and alternatives of the ranked queries.

Make your post or page more sharp and then before you can change google seo and seo optimization and google search engine optimization all are alternatives.

You should  also make some change which can make increase your website ranking.


First of all make a report of keywords or search queries which is already ranked high and conform the rank then make the post or page better and do some change like improvement in keywords and all then just check the ranking again after a week.

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