How to Increase Website Traffic

If you want to increase website traffic for free or boost website visitors organically then you are at right place.

If you follow this all steps of proven strategy to increase website traffic, then i m sure you will get definitely high quality and organic traffic to your website.

There are many factors affecting on website traffic, to solve all this problem and also to increase your domain authority follow this strategy carefully.

Do Keyword research (long tail keyword)

increase website traffic by keyword research
google adword keyword tool

Keyword research is most important topic in seo, because search engine wants keywords. If any search engine is not able to find revelent keyword from your post then it will not show your post on search page.

There is many tool available on internet for keyword research. Many webmaster like to use following keyword research tool to get increase website traffic.

  • Google keyword palnner
  • Moz explorer
  • Semrush

From above toll you can find most searched keywords and what is currently tranding around the community.

Also you can select your targeted country and language for better keyword selection, Webmasters recommended to use long tail keyword to get high quality and targeted traffic to your website.

Brian dean from backlinko also suggest to use google keyword research as a best seo tool.

Choose to write on tranding topics to increase website traffic free

choose a tranding topic to increase website traffic
choose a tranding topic from web

Writing on tranding topic is smart way to increase traffic because mainly people search on google about tranding topic so you must be an aware about what is currently tranding in your niche.

According to google algorithm Google will place a post with highly updated or recently updated on top of search list.

So to get highly search by google you must have an currently updated posts on your website to get high traffic.

Use infographic to increase website traffic

In now a days infographic is mostly used to share information in form of image.


Means as i mentioned above to get in touch with your readers or to build new website visitors your post must contain infographic. It also helps to drive more traffic and you can get a backlinks easily if any one place your infographic on their websites.

Also infographic allow you to place links, so you can put your other pages or posts links in your infographic.

Infographic is a form of information which is contained in image. There are many free websites which allow users to make infographic for their use like piktochart.

So use infographic and get users to engage some time on your website also they will find information easily from it.

Use attractive headlines to boost traffic

get increase your website traffic by using attractive headlines
attrctive headlines to get noted by user

People around all world will only take note of your post only and only if your post have attractive headlines.

As shown in above picture, currently many news channel available in this world but people will see only that news which has attractive headlines because the same information will be available to many websites but you have to encourage people to open your post.

If a post have attractive header then obviously users will open a post to see, what is in?

For example a post have name how to get visitor easily will get less impression then a post with headline how to increase traffic to website or 20 proven ways to boost traffic on your website etc.

Add Quality in your post to get more shares

increase website traffic by posting a quality content
post a quality content to be shared by visitors

As you read this post to increase your website traffic you must know that people only share your post if they found some quality information from it.

If you only put a nonsense post on your website or blog and try to boost your website traffic then it is impossible.

If any one come to your website and see once then second time they will not click on your website link if they not found any unique or quality information from it.

And if anyone find some useful tips from your blog then you not have to tell them for share, they will share it automatically, so to drive more traffic to your website you must deliver a quality content to your readers.

Do on page SEO for increase website traffic through seo

use responsive design of template to get increase website traffic
Responsive design of website

It is also important to get high traffic and found at top of google. On page seo contain mainly following topics.

  1. Meta tag

  2. Seo friendly url

  3. keyword density

  4. Responsive design

  5. Size of post

  6. Social sharing button at end of post

First of all meta tag, with out meta tag google or any other search engine will not understand that from this which is heading and which is post and which is  url, so it is very important to have on page seo correctly.

Your page must be currectly define h1, h2, h3 and meta discription and keyword etc.

In url it must be seo friendly to be fast index and scanned by search engine. Also it depends on the modifier contained by url of the post.

Keyword density on the page is not fixed but here you can see what matt cutts say about keyword density.

The design of your website should be responsive so mobile and tablet users also have a great experience of it. Many users access websites from mobile so they will happy if website is responsive and easily accessed.

It is proven that a post with have around 2500+ word is more shared and also contain great information because if users comes to your website then he/she might some expectation of information from your post, so if they not found useful information or what they want then they will close your blog and jump to others.

It also increase your bounce rate so, be informative and explain any topic in deeply.

Many experienced website holder says that a post with social sharing button at bottom has more chance to be shared by user, so install social share button to be shared and get more traffic to your website.

Use only quality image

As we all know if any user comes to your website and see your post then first of all they will see a image in post or a featured image.

Every webmaster should use image after every 100 words to get more shared by people.

Means to make a post more popular or user liked then the image in the post is must a eye catching. If a people like a image then also it is chance to be share in pinterest and also on other social media websites.

Quality image leave a good impression on user’s mind.

Do email marketing

use news letter to increase website traffic
use email marketing

All affiliate users use email marketing to sell their product and also email marketing is very powerful tool in the form of digital marketing, so use email marketing and newsletter to reach out your users.

In now a days many free tools available on internet for email marketing.

It also drive lots of quality traffic to your website and helping your website to deliver a regularly updated post to your subscribers and readers.

Use internal linking

increase website traffic by internal linking your post link
ilnternal linking

Internal linking is helps to increase domain authority and also it use to get user spend some more time on your website.

When any user accidently comes to your website or blog then, let them not feel it, if your post have internally linked then people will also find some useful information from your website.

And if you add any new post related to your old then link it. Users will also like to read about tranding topics and what is new on this topic so internal linking can drive more traffic to your website.

It helps to decrease click through rate(ctr), and also helps in bounce rate.

Get high quality backlinks to increase website traffic organically

This is also impressive topic, as we know all of website holder concentrate to increase backlinks to their websites.

But the main aim should not to increase backlinks to website, but all should focus on to get quality backlinks.

And it is true that backlinks can drive lots of more and more traffic to your website. But if a website contain low quality backlinks then it effects on pagerank and also on domain authority.

And now a days broken link method is best to get high quality backlinks.

Increase website speed and make it load fast

increase website speed to increase website traffic
increase website speed – google

It is proven that if any  website will not load in 3-4 seconds then most of users will not like to surf any more. Even google also says that a good website speed increase traffic on your website and also increase security of your website.

You can use pingdom to check your website speed. Amazon says that if a website speed decrease by 100 miliseconds then at end of year it’s earning decrease by millions.

To increase website speed there is 7 main factors affecting on that, lets learn shortly.

  • Http

Http minimization helps to increse in website speed.

  • Compression

Enable compression of script to increase speed.

  • Caching

Use caching where it available because it takes lots time to cache web browser.

  • Image optimization

Minify image size and use png formate to increase speed and make loads faster.

  • Css

Remove all unnecessary css and compress it if possible, make one style sheet if possible instead of two.

  • Server responce time

Use fast responding server because if server will not respond then how will your website loads fast?.

  • Gzip compression

For gzip compression it almost compress html packages in small package to make faster loads.

After doing all above factors now check again on pingdom your website must loads faster.

Use guest posting

Guest posting is a great and easy way to increase website traffic. Guest posting is visa-versa.

You can post on others website to increase your linking and website speed and also you can drive more traffic to your website.

And Every one can also accept guest post to boost traffic on their website, but remember only accept quality guest post, if you accept low quality guest post then it affects on your ranking also decrease readers.

Add follow me buttons

use follow me social buttons to increase website traffic
Add follow me buttons

Follow me buttons on your website allow users to easily follow you and also they can share easily your post on social media.

It is also a great way to increase website traffic on your blog. Be social so every time you upload new post on social media then followers can see them and get into your website.

Use email signature


Use email signature is a way from that you can send your website name to every one whom you send your email.

For example i m using gmail then i have my websites’s domain name at footer of my email, now every time i send email to some one then they can see and also chance may be they like to see your website and subscribe to you.

So to increase your subscribe and to turn your email into readers it is important to have a signature at your email.

Increase website traffic through facebook (Social media)

People around all the world use social media in now a days. Every one is comfortable with use of facebook and twitter.

After posting every article you should share your article also on social media websites, so users from your niche community can read and it is easy to get a quality and targeted traffic to your website.

Social media is very powerful tool to drive traffic on your website, it also helps to increase popularity of your website.

So share your article on social medial website like facebook and twitter, pinterest, google+.

Make your websites’s facebook fan page and also use facebook group to share your post or page.

Google + community also help to drive more traffic to your website.

Submit to book marking sites

Post submission to book marking websites is part of off page seo.

From book marking websites you can get high pageranked backlinks and lots of traffic to your website.

To increase domain authority it is important part of seo. Most of viral posts also shared on bookmarking sites.

There are many book marking websites like reddit, digg, technorati, fark, stumbleupon.

Participate in Q&A sites

Contribution in Q&A websites help you to get lots of traffic and may be your post become viral.

It also helps to get more subscribers and increase daily visitors to your website.

You just have to select your niche related topics and everyday other users will ask question related to your niche, you have to answer it. Done!

In this type of websites you can ask question to others if you have any.

Q&A sites like quora, wiki how, yahoo answers helps to increase backlinks to websites and generate loyal readers.

Use blog commenting

Commenting on others dofollow blog is also good way to get quality backlinks. If you are search some topic on google and goes to someone’s blog or website.

Then if you like a post or an article related to your niche then you should give review on that like it is great post or i like this post, it becomes helpful to me there is option to leave your website and it increase backlinks to your site.

May be other user comes to your website from your commented blogs. It increase traffic.

Submit your site to web directories

On internet, many web directories available in now a days to submit your website.

You just have to select your niche related sub directory from it and fill all the detail about website like domain name and discription about your blog, many of dofollow web directories give backlinks to your website.

To get more visitors to website just submit your blog or website to all dofollow directories like dmoz, alltop.

Backlink and domain authority building contain this topic to effective ways.

Submit your website to search engines.

use google webmaster to be found on web
google webmaster

Last but not least, If you don’t submit your website or blog to search engine then how will search engine display your website in search result.

First of all submit your website to all search engine like google, yahoo(bing), yandex.

Use google search console to see how your website is performing and from where visitor comes to your website.

It also helps to increas indexing and crawling rate of your blog or website.

So use all search engine’s webmaster and submit sitemap of your website to all search engine and boost your website traffic.


If you have complete all of this step correctly, then i m sure you will get defiantly high quality ang huge traffic to your website.

  1. Do keyword research
  2. choose tranding topic
  3. use infographics
  4. use attractive headlines
  5. Add quality content
  6. On page seo
  7. Quality image is better
  8. email marketing
  9. internal linking
  10. Get high quality backlinks
  11. Increase website speed
  12. guest posting
  13. follow me buttons
  14. email signature
  15. share on social media
  16. submit on book marking websites
  17. Q&a sites
  18. blog commenting
  19. web dirctories
  20. submit to search engine

To increase website traffic or to drive lots of traffic to website just follow all steps correctly.

Enjoy, best of luck.


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