Invite all facebook friends to like a fan page.

Many people search on google that how to invite all facebook friends to like a facebook fanpage.

Because of if you want to invite your facebook friends to like your facebook fan page then you have to click one by one to invite all, and there is a lots of friends we have on facebook. here i m going to present you a step by step solution and this is a simple javascript code to invite all facebook friends to like page in one click.


But this code works better with google chrome web browser, so use chrome to apply this script.

facebook invite everybody
invite all facebook friends in one click


How to invite all facebook friends to like your page at one click.

step 1: open your facebook fan page and click on this button under the cover photo.


invite all facebook click on this
click on this button

Here i have opened my facebook page(Earn on Blog) for tutorial, You open yours and then click on the button near the share button, See the above image.

step 2: Now click on invite friends.

invite all to like facebbok page
now click on invite friends

After completing first step you will see the screen like this, now click on invite friends from the dropdown box, see the above image.

step 3: Now scroll down till the end.

invite all facebook friends at one click
scroll doen till the end of this list

After clicking the invite friends button you will see a box looks like this now scroll down till the list end.

For better experience use your mouse scroll key(middle wheel), click the wheel and pull your mouse down it will scroll till the end of this list.

step 4: Now look at your address bar and write javascript:.

invite all facebook friends to like a page write javascript in webbrowser
write (javascript:) in address bar of your browser

NOTE:- Remove the “” before and after javascript:, just look at the above image.

step 5: Copy the code from below box and paste in address bar after javascript:.

facebook invite all friends to like page script

var inputs = document.getElementsByClassName(‘_1sm’);
for(var i=0;i<inputs.length;i++) { inputs[i].click(); }

copy the code and paste it in address bar after “javascript:”, look at image

paste the code to address bar invite all facebbok friends
Paste the code from box to address bar after javascript

After copy the code from above box and paste it after javascript it looks like above image.

step 6: Click enter. Wait and see all of your facebook friends are invited to like your page.

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If you find any problem to invite all facebook friends just let me know by comment below. Share to your facebook, your friends might like it and become helpful because SHARING IS CARING….

Sharing is Caring

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