how to make money from facebook 2017

how to make money from facebook 2017

Why don’t we make money from facebook and earn extra income from facebook, where there are millions of people use internet to make money online and with the largest number of users facebook is biggest social media community.
Even facebook has more user then google+ social community.
There are most of people use facebook in major countries from all over the world.
Do you know how people make money from facebook?
Here i m going to tell you a ways to make money from facebook.
there are many ways but most easy and effective i m listing here.

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Ways to make money from facebook

  •  sell post on your page

Did you know you can sell post on your facebook page? Yes, the website like gives you a opportunity to sell a post space on your page.
First you have to register then you can sell your post on your own facebook page.

earn from facebook-sell posts
sell post on facebook

second website like this is

earn from facebook-warrior plus
sell facebook post
  • sell ebook on facebook

There are many websites which provide a platform to sell ebooks like booktango, lulu, payhip even amazon is largest ebook seller in the world but for startup facebook is best because of facebook have many users and also providing other features like to select targeting, price,flexibility etc.

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You can promote your own e book on facebook using ads, facebook video, place your ebook on page tab, make offer etc..

earn from facebook-sell ebook
sell ebook on facebook
  • sell your own service – make money from facebook

If you have any business then just make a facebook fan page and start promoting your product. Even you can sell any of your business product on facebook.

earn from facebook-sell service
sell your service

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  • find affiliate for facebook

Major online product selling websites offer an affiliate program to join, Amazon, Flipkart, Clickbank etc..

You just have to make a facebook page and start promoting your affiliate product on your page.

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  • Be hired to manage someone’s page

In now a days all celebrities and many other business brands make their facebook fan page may be you hire to manage the facebook page.

Even you can start a fanpage of any celebrity after getting good likes you can sell it.

You can also make money online easily from your own wordpress blog.

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