Most Popular Multivendor ECommerce Marketplace Builders

Most Popular Multivendor ECommerce Marketplace Builders

What are the Multivendor E-commerce Marketplace Builders?

Multivendor E-commerce Marketplace builders are the software that helps to create an eCommerce website where one or more sellers can sell their products online. In the field of eCommerce this type of system or website called multivendor e-commerce website.

For example, if you have (probably) ever visited Amazon, that is the best example of multivendor e-commerce website where anyone can sell their products. When the user buys your product from Amazon the marketplace will take some amount of commission and the rest of the money will be given to the seller.

Nowadays most of the customers choose to buy products online. According to the survey, 79% of people in the USA will choose to buy products online rather than from a physical shop.

So, if you want to earn money by building a multivendor e-commerce marketplace then here is the list of top multivendor e-commerce marketplace builders that will allow you to build your own website where people will sell their products and you will earn commission on it.

1. CS-Cart Multi-Vendor

Introduction of CS-Cart Multi-Vendor

In the list of multivendor e-commerce marketplace builders, the CS-Cart Multi-Vendor is always at the top.
Since 2005 CS-Cart has been providing their service in e-commerce store and marketplace building and till today they have already helped more than 35000 people open e-stores and online marketplaces.

CS Cart Store Front

Maybe you have heard about, they are one of the largest online marketplaces in the world and it was built on CS-Cart Multi-Vendor.

Here is a youtube video introducing CS-Cart Multi-Vendor.

Advantages of using CS-Cart Multi-Vendor

  • CS-Cart has tons of documentation and video tutorials. So if you need any help, you can just solve your problem yourself with the help of these tutorials.
  • 30 Days money back guarantee, If you don’t like the product then within 30 days after your purchase you will get your money back.
  • CS-Cart offers 100% open access to source code without any encryption. So, if you want to change the design or anything in CS-Cart you can do it easily—it is fully customizable.
  • You will be required no coding knowledge to customize CS-Cart. Because CS-Cart Multi-Vendor has built in designing tools which you can use to change the design and arrange content on pages via simple drag and drop.
  • CS-Cart has an active and large community where you can ask a question and get a solution, also you can hire a designer or developer for your marketplace and online shopping mall.

The disadvantage of using CS-Cart Multi-Vendor

  • Technical support answers with a delay sometimes and you have to buy support credits to get support after 90 days since the day of purchase (you get 90 days of free support with the Multi-Vendor license).

Features of CS-Cart Multi-Vendor:

Mobile Application for Multivendor Mall

CSCart offers a premium mobile application for your multi-vendor store.

There are two types of packages for mobile application: one is business packages and another is full control.

In the business package, the developers of CS-Cart will make a full application for your store and also if you buy a package for 3+ months than the uploading on the app store and google play will be free.

In the full control package, you will get the source code of the application. Just edit and customize the source code and upload it to the app store and play store.

You will get 3 months of premium support for your application in this package.

Features that make CS-Cart Unique:

In  CS-Cart Multi-Vendor the advanced vendor payout system will you save your time as all the payments can be processed automatically if you want. Also if you want to do it manually then you can do that.

CS-Cart Multi-Vendor offers configurable vendor plans, you can set different plans for different vendors. And to increase your revenue, you can take extra fees from your vendor for selling their products on your marketplace.

Multiple levels of administrative access is a system used by big fortune 500 companies. With this feature, you can set the different access to different managing roles. For example, you can set up access so that your sales team only has access to the sales department in your website and analytics department has only access to the analytics data in your website.

With CS-Cart Multi-Vendor, you will get a flexible product approval system which makes the product approvement automatic or manual to your choice, or you can also set certain types of products to be approved automatically and some of the products will be held for moderation.

The vendor debt payout system in CS-Cart Multi-Vendor allows you to take debt payout from your vendors. The subscription plan selected by the vendor needs to be paid in time otherwise you can block that vendor from accessing the admin panel.

Admin Dashboard of CS Cart Multivendor

Advanced order management system helps the multivendor marketplace owners separate the customer’s orders at the admin side while the customers can check out at the single window even if he/she has bought a product from several vendors.

With the help of integrated google analytics tools, you can generate detailed statistics and reports of your website. The charts and reports can also show you the sales report and many more analytics data in the admin, and it is a success key to run a multivendor e-commerce website.

Other Helpful Features of CS-Cart Multi-Vendor

You can allow your website vendors to make an extra category for their products and you can charge for that.

You can also login into the vendor account as a vendor and teach your vendors how to do specific tasks in the vendor panel.

In the e-commerce shopping websites comments and reviews are important because people are looking for reviews and ratings, so if a customer liked the product then they can rate the product and also write a review about it. That way other customers can choose the best product from that category.

If you want to make a multivendor e-commerce marketplace and want to sell around the world then your website must have multiple languages, currencies, and taxes. With CS-Cart Multi-Vendor you will get 26 built-in languages translations and you can add more if you want. You can add your currency and taxes based on your country.

CS-Cart Multi-Vendor gives you an option to choose payment methods from over 70 integrated payment gateways including most trusted and secure payment processor like PayPal.

You can set the shipping method and shipping charges manually or automatically—CS-Cart Multi-Vendor gives you access to dozens of real-time shipping methods from 8 popular logistic companies.

If you want to make money from your online multivendor marketplace then you must have an idea of the look and feel of your e-commerce mall. You don’t need to hire a developer to build the look and feel. CS-Cart Multi-Vendor gives an option to use built-in drag and drop layout builder.

No coding knowledge needed to build your own marketplace, but you can customize the code and choose how your pages will look.

As we all know Google loves responsive websites. And CS-Cart gives you awesome responsive themes to make your website responsive and it looks good on any device.

To promote your products online and get more sales the CS-Cart Multi-Vendor based marketplace gives amazing promotional methods like discounts on any product, free shipping, and other bonuses. Also, you can offer a free product with a specific product.

You can draw the attention of your users by implementing special cross-selling blocks on your marketplace. For example, you can show recently viewed products on any marketplace page. CS-Cart Multi-Vendor offers you many tools that can increase your average customer’s bill.

CS-Cart Multi-Vendor will help you drive more buyers from search engines. CS-Cart allows you to generate Google rich snippets, SEO friendly URLs, product meta description and many other options in terms of search engine optimization.

2. Magento Marketplace

Introduction of Magento multivendor marketplace

Magento is also a very popular open source e-commerce software. With the use of Magento and multivendor marketplace extension, you will get the perfect website for your multivendor e-commerce marketplace.

Magento multivendor ecommerce marketplace builder

Advantages of using Magento with extension

  • With the use of the paid extension, you will get the better functionality for your marketplace.
  • another advantage is you can see the sales report by location.
  • Enable vendors to manage SKU functionality.
  • Magento has a fast-growing community.
  • The features like configuration, simplicity, and bundle are awesome.

Disadvantages of using Magento

  • Magento has a complex design and it’s heavy in coding style.
  • If you want a fast e-commerce website based on Magento you must use the dedicated server.
  • The knowledge base and documentation are limited at Magento.
  • To access the demo you have to wait for sometime.


For $349 you will get a multivendor marketplace with complex design and quite a limited functionality.

3. Sharetribe

Introduction of Sharetribe

Sharetribe is open source software specifically designed for building e-commerce marketplaces. Not very popular but those who use Sharetribe as an e-commerce multivendor marketplace builder give positive reviews.

sharetribe multivendor ecommerce marketplace builder

Advantages of sharetribe

  • Specially designed for marketplaces.
  • Inbuilt payment options.
  • It is developed in ruby so, you can test the edits and so, how it works?
  • Sharetribe is also available in the free version.

Disadvantages of sharetribe

  • Sharetribe is not very customizable. So, you can not extend it.
  • You have to pay the fees of $40-$140 per month.
  • You have to download it from GitHub.
  • If you want to use the free edition than you have to hire developers and need to pay them to install sharetribe.


For $149 you will get unpopular and not expandable marketplace CMS for your virtual mall and you’ll also need developers’ assistance.

4. Dokan Pro

Introduction of dokan pro

Dokan pro is a multivendor e-commerce marketplace plugin for WordPress. Dokan pro is very popular and they claim that over 10000 marketplaces around the world are using a dokan pro.

The functionality is awesome and also there are lots of inbuilt customizing options available.

Dokan Pro Multivendor ecommerce marketplace builder for wordpress

Advantages of Dokan Pro

  • Awesome frontend and backend for vendors and admins.
  • Designed with bootstrap so, dokan pro is compatible with most of the e-commerce themes.
  • Because the vendors get full functionality the workload of admin can be reduced.
  • Rich documentation and video-rich articles.
  • The support is awesome by wedevs.

Disadvantages of Dokan Pro

  • The single product tabs are showing vendor info, you have to remove it by custom code.
  • You have to install another plugin to make it fully functional.


For $149/year starter plan you will get most of the basic and necessary functions. You can add more functions by upgrading the plans.


We reviewed the most popular e-commerce marketplace builders and I think among all CS-Cart Multi-Vendor is perfect in terms of price and functionality to manage and grow your multivendor e-commerce website.

CS-Cart Multi-Vendor is the most reliable multivendor e-commerce marketplace builder, which helps you create an awesome worldwide marketplace with powerful e-commerce features and with no coding knowledge required.

For just $1450 you will get a lifetime license and 1 year of updates with 90 days of premium support.

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