On Page Seo and Off Page Seo

On Page Seo and Off Page Seo

On page seo and Off page seo’s difference is very highly searched and also complicated topic for newbies.

The difference between on page seo and off page seo in simple words is the work made inside the website is on page seo and the work made out side the website is off page seo.

Lets understand deeply.

Difference between on page seo and off page seo
On page seo and off page seo

Difference between on page seo and off page seo

On page and off page seo both are important for website ranking and to make it popular and viral. But there is a little difference between on page seo and off page seo.

The on page seo is those content which stats that what you rank for means the website has how good or quality content, good website structure and much more. A Good on page seo can increase quality and user friendliness of your website.

The off page seo stats how high your website rank in search engine result pages.

Means your website’s authority and overall performance like social activity and all.

A good off page seo can increase your website’s ranking.

On Page Seo:-

On page seo is which we can say the changes or the work we do inside the website is on page seo.

As we know inside the website we work for a good and quality content, targeted keywords, responsive website, website coding and many more so, all this topic are counted as on page seo.

The following topics are involved in on page seo:-

Title tag:-

The title tag in website post is important for good on page seo because a algorithm of google for SERP strongly recommend that to be good and correctly.


We should format headings like H1, H2, H3 correctly.

If in the post you put H2 first and then H1, so it can negative effect on search engine and user both.

So, it is necessary to format the heading correctly and well.

It helps to get better on page seo.


The website structure must be user friendly otherwise bounce rate will be increase and get ranked down from search engine. Because it is not good for on page seo.


It is necessary to use targeted and long tail keywords in the post and put the keywords correctly because if the keywords are at wrong place then how search engine will get find your post.

Search engine specially google try to deliver it’s best for good user experience.

So, if we place keywords correctly then it is also good for user and on page seo.

Alt tags:-

Alt tags for images, metatag and as we show up like heading tag and title tag all are important for on page seo.

Because if a image has right alt text then it is good to show alt text when image can not load. In image optimisation also required to give alt text for image.

A meta tag is given correctly to the post and website is good for search engine it is easy to find your webpages and put on front of user.

Loading speed:-

Every user wants a fast loading website so, if your website can not load faster then others then search engine will place other users website in search engine result pages.

So, your website must be loads fast, see how to make load website fast.


A very important topic about on page seo because if your website looks great in design but what happens if the content has no quality.

Users are never like to read low quality content.

Do not write for rank higher, always try to deliver your best content to user.

If this happens then user will love to read your post and so search engine will automatically rank your website higher.

Website’s internal linking:-

Internal linking of your website helps users to understand the topic easily and also good for seo.

So, always make your post internal linked.

Internal linking also helps to increase click through rate.

But never try to over do because is get negative effect on search engine.

Off page seo:-

Off page seo is we can say a techniques or work we do outside the website to get high rank and increase domain authority is off page seo.

we share our website’s link to social media platform like Facebook ,twitter, pinterest and bookmarking sites and all is off page seo.

The following topics are off page seo:-

Social networking:-

Sharing your post on social medial platform will increase domain authority and also helps users to find it easily.

From Facebook, twitter and all social media platforms we can also drive more traffic to our website.

Social sharing also increase popularity of our website.


Backlinks means a links coming to your website from other websites.

A backlinks will helps to increase authority. But only a quality backlinks, a low quality backlinks can decrease our website ranking.

So, try to get quality backlinks from high authority websites, forum and commenting and many more.


In now a days a easy and proven way to get quality backlinks is guestpost.

Because to write a guestpost on high authority website you just need a topic related to that website and a good content then you can get link back from that post.

Many high authority sites accepts quality guestpost.


Bookmarking a website post is also a great way to increase authority and hence website ranking.

Participate in forum and try to be active.

Just submit your website to web directories and they will approve your website.

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  1. Some great information, but you have my head spinning! I’ll have to go back and take some notes! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Hi Paras,

    Great Post!!

    A information and techniques shared is very vital for me, I would like to ask about how to do canonical tagging in on -page part as well as for off page seo, directory submission is still done or this technique has become obsolete.

    Please guide!!

    Thanks For The Post..

  3. All great advice, except I’m not sure I’d recommend bookmarking nowadays – that’s a pretty outdated backlinking method and might be considered spam by Google now. But I could be wrong!

  4. Hi,
    Thanks for sharing this amazing article adn i loved it. I love the way you write articles on this site. Keep posting amazing article and please post about how to proper seo of new website, It will be helpful for me as well as new users

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