paypal account:- how to create and register?

paypal account:- how to create and register?

What is paypal and how to make paypal account.


PayPal is one of the most secure & popular online payment processor used internationally for online money transactions & online shopping.
PayPal account has 2 types of accounts –

  1. personal
  2. business.

If you are in india then as per rule of RBI, one must need to verify PayPal Account to accept international payments to their own local bank account.
This is most secured online transaction so no scam occurs.

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  1. Go to > Click sign up button
  2. Now select account type as indivisual from indivisual and business >click on continue
  3. It will ask your information to use paypal>click on continue
  4. Now fill your detail correctly and complete your registration form>click agree and continue
  5. It will ask you to link your debit or credit card but this is mandatory so if you don’t want to link now then click on i’ll link my card later>click on skip and continue.
  6. Now Login to your account, and you may see a notification at the top-right of the screen. Just click on the notification icon to complete tasks to verify your PayPal account.To receive payments as per Indian regulations, please complete your tasks.

Your paypal account is used to withdraw earning from whether it from survey or from cpm advertising network and many other website used to pay via paypal.

paypal account
paypal home

To confirm your PayPal account is verified, check all icons in the above images will become green coloured tick.

step:7 When you clicked the notification icon, a sidebar will get opened at right side of the screen. It redirects you to a new page like below image once you clicked the link in the sidebar. Complete all these 4tasks as mentioned in this images to get your Paypal Account Verified.

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verify email
email verification

TASK 1:- Add your pancard

pancard detail-paypal account
your pancard detail

TASK 2:-Gmail Conformation

paypal gmail verification
conform email from your gmail.

TASK 3:-Add a bank account

bank detail to conform paypal
enter your detail

TASK 4:-Add a purpose code

purpose code select
purpose code

Now, login to your Paypal Account & now you see your account status as verified. Now you can able to send and withdraw cash via Paypal to anywhere in the world.

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