5 Major Threats To Your WordPress Website That Are Killing Your Business

5 Major Threats To Your WordPress Website That Are Killing Your Business

5 Major Threats To  Your WordPress Website That Are Killing Your Business (And What You Can Do About It).

 How is your website functioning these days?

Oh, yea! Your website. Kinda just been sitting there all lonely collecting dust.

Many are not aware that building a great site is just the beginning. It isn’t something you can exude a large chunk of change for and then leave it at that.


Precious pennies are on the line from the day your site launches until … well forever.

You MUST keep it updated.

And you MUST make sure it continues to run fast and efficient.

You MUST do daily monitoring to ensure it doesn’t get infected, get sick and die.

You must do all this or all those visitors who come to your site eager to call and become your next big lead and the faithful customer will bounce away, never to return. They will end up in the arms of your competitors who knew better.

Ok Ok. But who has the time?


wordpress maintenance service

Enter WordPress Maintenance Services.

WordPress Maintenance Services are like a breath of fresh air to the busy entrepreneur, non-profit or any thriving company much more invested in serving and pleasing the customers they do have and not able to spend countless hours dealing with the headache of maintenance for their site.

Imagine this…

You are doing business as usual. The phone keeps ringing in increasing fashion. Why? Well, it is because your 24/7 – no lunch break – no vacation taking – salesman (i.e. website) is healthy and strong and capturing you one customer after another.

But they are protected. They are healthy.

A WordPress Maintenance Service keeps it this way.

Get back to this point in a second.

There are 5 Major Threats to Your WordPress Website That Are Costing You Money As You Read This.

  • Gotta love these jerks. They are ruthless and will hijack and crash your site and not lose a second of sleep.

(2)  Outdated WordPress core, theme, and plugin files. All these bells and whistles, as well as the main theme itself needs to be regularly updated. Failure to do so will result in the penalty of… well… a site that doesn’t work.

(3)  Bugginess. We’ve all been on sites that just didn’t function properly. One day everything was fine and the next, it is all jacked up. It’s annoying and it’s unnecessary. The worst part is, your customers won’t tolerate it.

(4)  Downtime. Suddenly the site just goes poof (just as someone was reaching in their pocket for their wallet).

(5)  Ignorance. Many who have websites have just acquired a powerful tool for business, but many also don’t know what it takes to manage these sites.

$$$ (can you hear it fly away?)

So what can be done?

Enter Skyrocket WP

There are quite a few WordPress Maintenance Services out there, but this one in particular seems to be leading the pack. So let’s use them as an example.

(1) They offer you rock-solid security.

SkyrocketWP has accumulated more than 100 active clients across countless industries, ranging from start-ups and small business to international corporations and mega blogs.

The common ground among them? Since they’ve been with SkyrocketWP, they’ve never experienced a security breach.

So you want a service provider that has this kind of history. A Chuck Norris of WordPress Maintenance.

(2) SkyrocketWP monitors your uptime all day every day (and they’re handling issues before you know they exist)

You have the peace and security of knowing that someone is watching your site 24/7/365 and making sure that issues are spotted and resolved before you even knew they were there.

Ahhhh. If only there were something like this for my children.

(3) SPEED!

Website visitors have terrible R.A.D.D. (Reader Attention Deficit Disorder).

According to Kissmetrics, 40% of your potential clients won’t wait longer than 3 seconds for your website to load.

Dang. This means that you can’t afford to be slow or sluggish. The faster your site runs, the more traffic you retain. It is that simple.

The Skyrocket WP  WordPress maintenance, hosting, and support service loads in a mind-boggling 591ms?

In other words, SkyrocketWP outperformed 96% of all websites in the world.

Yeah, but can they do the same for me?

Here is what the SkyrocketWP team has to say about that:

“Every SkyrocketWP plan includes a page load speed guarantee. If your website isn’t immediately faster, we will promptly refund your first month’s payment–no questions asked.”

Seems like a no-brainer.

(4) No More Stress/Anxiety/Loss/Headache/You Get The Idea.

No more having to make several calls and deal with several techs when you have issues. Hosting, maintenance and expert WordPress support are all conveniently wrapped up in one service provider.

Another reason the team at Skyrocket WP was chosen for this post over any other service provider is these guys are not only techies but are web-builders. Their services are not only for maintenance but to offer support in handling customizing and site modifications as well.


No one wants extra work, but everyone wants to benefit from extra work.

For as low as $99 the risks and threats to your companies hard-earned revenue can now be banished from your digital headquarters.

If I were you, I’d look into it.

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