Top 10 Blogging Groups on LinkedIn to get more traffic to your website in 2017

linkedin groups to promote blogpost in 2017

Promoting your content through social media is a great idea, but you must have a big platform for content promotion. LinkedIn is one of the best social media network for content promotion.

But if you haven’t thousands of connections, your promotion through LinkedIn may not give expected results. You have to build huge LinkedIn connection to achieve the best results, but doing this may take a lot of time.

The level of promotions depends on your network and it must be big enough.

But if you are a beginner and want to promote your content on LinkedIn, you can join some blogging groups on LinkedIn. Promoting your content on LinkedIn groups can boost organic traffic of your site. If you have a local business and you are doing well then you can even get a local address for your business by using a parcel forwarding address. This way, your own LinkedIn group that might be targeted to a country, will get a physical address for the same.

Here I have compiled a list of top 10 such blogging groups on LinkedIn that will provide more audience for your content and services. The best part of these LinkedIn groups is that they provide a platform to meet with the same niche professionals. These groups allow you to promote your content as well as it also provides a platform where you can benefits from the ideas of the group members too.

These LinkedIn groups listed below are the best groups for promoting your content through social media online but before this you have to start a blog.

List of blogging groups on LinkedIn to promote your content:-

  1. Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is one of the most active blogging groups on LinkedIn. Is has more than 1,700,000 active members. Social Media Marketing is a group of active online marketers and promoters.

Social Media Marketing also has 20 subgroups and each subgroup is built for special interests.

This LinkedIn blogging groups is a best marketing platform for the marketing professionals and interactive advertisers. If you are an active on social media and engaged with community oriented websites, then you must join this LinkedIn group.

This LinkedIn group has 28 highly professional moderators, and this team of professional moderators keeps this group focused, productive and spam-free.

You must follow some rules of this LinkedIn group which I have listed below.

# Network Marketing or Multi Level Marketing (MLM) promotion is not allowed in this forum.

# Any kind of religious, non-profitable or political discussions and promotions are not allowed here.

# You must not repost your same messages continuously.

# This forum is not place for resume writing services, and other type of commission based employment.

# A weekly email that contains events, white papers, webinars and other resources is sent to each group member.

Social Media Marketing  blogging group on LinkedIn provides great platform for promoting your services but remember not to promote anywhere in the group. The promotion area is perfect for doing this and you must do it there only.

  1. Intelligent Social Media

This LinkedIn blogging group helps it members in understanding the best way to create huge social network for their brand. If you want to know your customers views about your brand, this LinkedIn group will help you in doing that.

Intelligent Social Media LinkedIn group has also several subgroups managed by professionals in other nations too. Some subgroups also built regarding the industry such as life sciences, pharma, government, non-profit, e-business, e-tail and online retailers.

Grab the crucial information and knowledge from the professionals in this LinkedIn group. This is an essential networking and knowledge sharing forum.

Intelligent Social Media is one of the best LinkedIn blogging group managed by the professionals. You must join this group and also ask your colleagues to join this forum.

  1. Social Media & SEO

Groups are best and easiest way to be the part of that community. The best part of joining a group or community is that if you are a beginner in your niche world you will learn a lot from the professionals of that particular group.

Social Media & SEO LinkedIn blogging group is best for creating huge B2B network. Social Media & SEO LinkedIn group is basically an Inbound Marketing Community. This forum provides its users a friendly networking environment.

This LinkedIn group is a best platform for promoting your content. Social Media & SEO LinkedIn group is best for social media marketers. You will learn lots of strategies and techniques from the professionals in this forum.

Engage yourself with the group discussions that cover variety of topics. The group discussion covers almost all the SEO related topics such as SEO, B2B inbound marketing, online marketing, e Marketing, growth hacking and many more.

Join this LinkedIn group to boost your online presence and always try to learn from the professional group members.

  1. Social-Media-Marketing Mavens

This LinkedIn blogging group is one of the best forums for online marketers and service providers. If you are looking for a platform to promote your services online then Social-Media Marketing Mavens will be best for you.

Social-Media Marketing Mavens forum has more than 14K active members and still growing bigger. You may refer this group to your colleagues who are seriously engaged in social media marketing.

They can learn a lot about social media marketing from the professionals and active members here. Posting blogs, social media news, questions, case studies and other social media related resources will be beneficial for your business.

Social-Media-Marketing Mavens provides enough responsive community for your content and services. After joining this forum you will receive monthly email about the latest resources and researches on digital marketing topics.

  1. Social Media Today

Social Media Today is an active community of PR professionals, social media professionals, online marketers and advertisers. Social Media Today LinkedIn group has 210,095 active members.

Join Social Media Today LinkedIn blogging group and be the part of this community. The members will surely help you in growing your business online. You will get the best industry level suggestions from the professionals in this forum.

Social Media Today LinkedIn group provides digital marketing news and updates on the daily basis. If you want to grow your online business, this forum will be best for you.

This LinkedIn blogging group has a team of brilliant moderators and managers. Join this group to grab the daily dose of valuable information from the active and professional members.

  1. Social-Media-Marketing Strategies for Business-Professionals

This LinkedIn blogging group has grown up to a huge community with over 60K active members in few years. It’s very easy to engage in the discussions through the group.

Social-Media-Marketing Strategies for Business-Professionals LinkedIn group is best for discussions, sharing contents and a huge platform for learning about social media strategies and techniques.

After joining this LinkedIn blogging group you will learn a lot about leveraging social media for your content promotion.

Promoting a service or content through paid services will not be a brilliant idea if you have just started your online business. Here these kinds of social media groups come handy. These kinds of LinkedIn groups provide its users a stage to amplify their content or services absolutely free.

  1. Twittering

Twittering LinkedIn blogging group is for professionals and managed by professionals. Social media marketing is like an iceberg, it is deeper and bigger than expected and once you realize the power of social media you need to use it wisely.

For content promotion social media is best and one of the cheapest way to promote your business online.

Using social media as an effective tool for promotion may not be easy. This LinkedIn group will help you in growing your business online and using social media much more effectively.

Twittering LinkedIn group comes with a goal to build a huge community of professionals and to develop a friendly environment of content promotion.

  1. Innovations in Social-Media-Marketing

Join this LinkedIn group and share your ideas with more than 12K active social media professionals. Innovations in Social-Media-Marketing group are moderated by the professionals.

This LinkedIn blogging group exclusively focuses on social media marketing. You will get latest news and updates on social media marketing. Social media marketing is huge but this LinkedIn group focuses exclusively on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube marketing.

Innovations in Social-Media-Marketing LinkedIn group warmly welcome new members, but please note these rules of content promotion below.

# Posts that are not relevant will be deleted.

# If you won’t join the discussions and only use this blogging groups on LinkedIn for posting links, you will be banned surely.

# Promoting blatant sales or hunting jobs on the discussion section is prohibited.

This LinkedIn blogging group comes with the two simple rules; Be useful and always try to contribute value.

  1. Social Media Analytics

Social Media Analytics is one of the best LinkedIn blogging groups that provide its users huge online platform to promote their content.

If you interested in sharing, learning and implementing the newest strategies of social media marketing, then you have come to the right place. Engage yourself with the professionals and listen to them.

Following someone is good enough in the world of social media, and this LinkedIn group offers more than 7K professionals to follow. The group discussions will help you in building your action plans for your social media campaigns.

This LinkedIn blogging group belongs to the thinkers and creators.

  1. The Social-Media-Strategies for Business-Group

A LinkedIn group including more than 6K active members and it provides an excellent platform for discussing and sharing. Feed yourself with the latest social media marketing tips and strategies.

If you want to achieve success in your life join the community of dreamers. The positive peoples are not just dreamers, they are the hope we are looking for.

This LinkedIn blogging group has many successful online marketers, social media strategy makers and eMarketers. This group will surely encourage you to make efforts when you are totally broken.

Although, groups or communities helps us in building healthy relation and building a healthy relation online will definitely boost your productivity.

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Final Note:

Building a brand online is difficult because the level of competition is very high. You have to follow some basic rules in building your fame online.

The best way to get the unrevealed strategies online is to join some niche relevant groups. Not only LinkedIn, you can join groups on other social media networks too.

If you join a community on social media network you can share your ideas and also benefits from the ideas of the group members. Social media provides us an easy way of content promotion but with few killer strategies, your promotion campaigns may hits a newer level of success.

Note:- This is Guest Post by Suraj Kumar

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  1. everyday we learn and today I have learnt something that I never believed exist. I always believe thT facebook and twitter was everything one needs to grow his blog and but today you proved me wrong…. I have really taken my time to going through all the groups and have asked to join in order to start promoting my blog through this LinkedIn platforms. I feel excited to have found this great information.

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