How to set Under Construction Page for a website in WordPress

How to set Under Construction Page for a website in WordPress

Every blogger need Under Construction Page, Maintenance Mode Page, Coming soon page.

Every time if we are updating our website’s Software or content version or any other updates then we should use maintenance mode.

Maintenance mode used to tell search engine that this website is under construction and come back again later for indexing. And also it used to show a custom message to visitors that this website is down.

under construction page

For example if you are using WordPress then every time you update WordPress version, plugin update, theme update then you need maintenance mode or the default WordPress show this message :-

Briefly unavailable for scheduled maintenance. Check back in a minute.

But this is very booring, You can change this message or even all the page and it’s content and make visitor happy.

“Under construction page” WordPress plugin is the best plugin to show this message to visitors and search engine.

Features of Under Construction Page WordPress Plugin :-

  • Set Date to automatic disable Under construction mode
  • Track using Google analytics
  • 25+ Themes you can use for your maintenance mode page
  • You can add custom css
  • Add Title, Description, Headline in body of under maintenance page
  • You can add social Icons
  • Also add login buttons
  • White listed users can access site even after running maintenance mode

How to install and setup Under Construction Page

First of all Download the plugin from WordPress or from Under construction page website developed by Web Factory Ltd.

Active the plugin and follow the steps below.

After activate plugin you can find it from plugins> Installed plugins> Under Construction> Settings or from setting> Under Construction at left admin panel of WordPress.

Open it and you will see 5 different tab, let’s see each in deep.

Main :-

under construction page setup

Status :-

This is status of your website whether to Enable the maintenance mode or Disable. You can change it and then save changes to take effect. After this Only Selected users can see your live website, other visitors will see maintenance mode page.

Automatic End Date and Time :-

You can set the date and time to automatically disable the maintenance.

Google Analytics Tracking Id :-

Set your Google analytics tracking id to track visitor at maintenance mode.

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Design :-

Under construction page design setup

Theme :-

From this tab you can select your theme for maintenance mode page. There are 25+ themes available for under construction page.

Custom CSS :-

If you want to add any custom css in your under maintenance mode page then you can add it here and then save changes.

Content :-

Under construction page element or body text setup

Title :-

Enter your text here to show in title of under construction page. It is set default to

[site-title] is under construction

There are some shortcodes which you can use here.

Description :-

Your Description to show visitors in coming soon page or under construction page. This is set default to your website’s tagline.

Headline :-

From the headline tab you can set your construction page’s headline like we are working on this to make it better.

Content :-

In the content section of your page you can add any text and all HTML elements. This will be shown to your article body in the under maintenance page.

Login Button :-

Enable this button to show a login form or WordPress admin. You can add your login form link here.

Show some love :-

Because of this plugin is free and doing a great job, you should enable this button to put a little link of plugin website at footer of your website. Now Save changes.

Social icons:-

We can also add social icon or social links of our social account like Google+, Facebook, Twitter and much more in the under maintenance page. It helps visitors to get connected easily and also it increase subscriber.

Access :-

White listed user roles :-

Select the user roles to give access of your normal website even after you have enable under construction page. The selected user roles will not be affected by under maintenance and they can see original website.

White listed users :-

Select the users from your user list and give them to access your normal website after activating the under construction page plugin.

Support :-

contact to under construction page via support

FAQ :-

FAQ section is frequently asked question from users to the plugin developers. Many time it happens that a user can not understand how it works or How to perform some specific task? that he/she want to do.

So, the mostly asked questions and answers are listed in this section.

Contact Support :-

From the contact support section you can directly contact to plugin developers and the good thing is that even you don’t have to login for that.

Your email address:-

Tell them your email address so they can reply and get in touch with you.


Write your message here to what you want to tell the support team like your bug in website for this plugin or you can suggest any changes which can make this plugin better.

Send Extra site info :-

If you enable this button then it will send your website url, your WordPress URL, your WordPress version, UCP version and theme detail to the support team with your message, it makes it easy to solve the problems faster.

Now click on send message to support to send your message to support team.

Rating of Under construction page plugin :-

There are 100000+ Active downloads of this plugin in the WordPress.

We can also see 640+ users voted this plugin as 5 STAR.

From the plugin page i see that from the beginning all issue in the support forum is solved by the team this a also a big and noticeable point.

The Under construction page add a new theme most of time they update the plugin.

The developer team is highly qualified and they also update the plugin 2 to 3 times in a month to make it more better and also this is SEO friendly plugin.

From over all performance we can say the Under Construction Page plugin is very Fast, Simple, Easy to Customize and User friendly.

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