using infographics increase website traffic

Infographics can drive lots of traffic with quality and targeted audience. Because it is proven that humans can learn and understand more easily from images instead of text.

How to make infographics and share it to increase website traffic

In this article you will learn how to make a infographics, how infographics can drive traffic to your website, link building using infographics and how to make shareable infographics to make it viral and get quality traffic to your website or blog.

There are lots of infographics available but you need quality, you must be unique to get more shared by visitors.

How to make infographics to drive traffic and get backlinks to website

Which type of infographics really works

  • Story telling infographics
  • Unique content
  • infographics that give very much information
  • Easy to understand
  • Good design
  • Professional format
  • details with statical data and charts
  • Eye caching Color scheme

Choosing a topic for infographics

The most important part for making a infographic is to select a topic for your infographic.

Choose a Evergreen topic from your niche.

For example, Using this 16 methods i get 453 High authority backlinks or How i get my website traffic increase by 573% in just a month.

Everyone would like to see a article which contain this type of headline because no one is God in the industry of SEO and Blogging.

So, choose any good and evergreen topic for your infographics.

You should also go for a trending topics in now a days in your niche because only evergreen is not much working but the topic which is evergreen and trending also, that can be more effective.

You can also use google trend or any other tools you use for market research to find a evergreen trending topic for your infographics.

If you unable to find the right trending and evergreen topic for you just leave it, now look for a websites or blogs in you niche and find the article which got lots of shares and goes viral in social media.

Start making infographic on those article.

Facts about Infographics

First of all infographics can grab attention of users more than text.

As mentioned above human can highly get visual information.

It is easy to remember a small image instead of a full article.

Buzzsumo says that infographics get 2.3% more shares than text article

The most engaging posts on Facebook is 93% photo post.

With the help of infographics it is easy to understand complex data.

Instead of 2000 words article you can show a statics data and all your research into a one infographic.

How to make Infographics (Format)

To make infographic first of all select a good trending and evergreen topic.

Now its time to do some research.

Collect data, pie chart, bar chart and some images or maps.

Find a facts and static data about your topic.

Provide info about where this data is collected from like Hubspot, Moz, Buzzsumo or any other.

Because visitors are more likely to share data from well known resources.

If you don’t want to make a infographic yourself then hire a infographic expert from fiver or any other job portal.

But if you want to make infographic your self then many websites and tools available in market like Piktochart, Canva, Venngage.

There are also pre formed infographics are available to this website and you can also make change and edit it.

Use this tools and start making an infographic.

To make it looks good and easy to understand follow the following format of infographic.

  • Header

In the header section you should write a title of your infographic.

Make the title bigger and let it east to read even the infographic is zoomed out.

  • Sub header

Write description of your infographic in this section. You can also write the main problem which are going to be solve in this infographic.

Add charts and graphs into infographics

  • Bullets

Now write down your collected data into bullets if possible. If you have gathered a list of something then you can put into a bullets.

  • Bar charts

You can use Microsoft office or any web tool to convert your data into a bar chart. It will get easy to understand and also you can deliver a lots of information in just a small bar charts

  • Pie charts

From the web tools like Canva and Piktochart you can make pie chart of your data. Pie chart is also looks great in design and from using different colors you can show your research and it is easy to remember.

Show your research and make the audience engaged to your infographic.

Now start exploring the main topic or your content.

If your topic is about pros and cons the at left side start writing pros and at right side start writing cons, both in bullet list.

Remember that you can use as many color as many you want but the expert suggest to use mostly two main color.

  • Show a result

We can say this section is looks like conclusion in our articles.

In this section show a result or show your research that can be driven after following your infographic.

You can say that if you follow my infographic then you can get results like this or this.

Or saw a facts that a person from a something website also get the result or testimonial or anything related to your topic.

Pro tip:- Add some emotions into your infographic, make it engaged to your visitors with your infographic.

And at the last You can also add call to action like read more or read in detail about at our website.

  • Resources

As the people are more like to share a proven static data from high authority resources, mention those all from where you take the data.

You can mention a link to websites or name of book and it’s author if you do some research from book.

  • Your logo

After doing all this hardwork how can anyone forgot to take a credit to him self.

So, at the end place your website’s logo and link to your website and you can also add mailing address at the bottom of your infographic.

As you add your website’s logo at the bottom it helps you to branding of your website.

  • Color Selection

Do some research on color of your infographic and select main two color and stick to it. For example any call to action button red button is best because it is more familiar for power and action.

Designing and format of your infographic is very important so, give some time to designing and don’t let your infographic fully filled with text and images, leave some space around your main content and stick to main two colors.

You can also use A/B testing for your infographics color and format to make it more engaging.

Build a qauality infographics, traffic will comes automatically

How to share infographics to make it viral

First of all make your infographic public so that anyone can share.

Share HTML Code

The first and easy method to share your infographic is Embade your HTML code With your article.

Share your infographic in jpg or png format.

Use Siegemedia html tool to generate a html code for your infographic and share at the bottom of your infographic.

html code generator for infographicsSite name:- Use your website name like

Post URL:- Use your article URL like

Image URL:- Use Your infographic url, you will get after uploading your infographic image to your website.

Image ALT:-   Use your infographic name or post header for SEO.

Width of image:- Fix the size of your image in pixel

Height of image:- fix Height of your infographic in pixel. leave it blank to auto set.

Embed box width & height:- You can set the embed box’s height and width.

The preview will be sown below that how the embed box will looks like on your website.

Now just copy the code and paste into your article under the infographic so, if any user will find it helpful then they can share on their websites or blog.

Social Media

Now you have make a awesome infographic but how can users know about our infographic.

So, spend some time and share with all your social media account where you can share it.

Even you can share a piece of your infographic and link back to original one.

You should submit it to flickr

Make sure you have enable social sharing button to your infographic so that users can also share it easily on social sharing websites like facebook twitter, pinterest.

Submit your infographic to directories

There are lots of infographic directories available in market like visual. where you can submit your infographic and you can get backlinks from there.

If you want more than here is a list of 70 website and blogs that accept Free and Paid infographics.

For more websites you can search in google for “infographic directories” or “Submit Infographics”.

Write press release

Write about your infographics and send it to press release. But make sure that you have a well optimized press release because they receive a lots of press release everyday. I mean be unique and provide some value to them in your PR.

If you are not familiar with press release website then here are some and for other you can google it.

You can send your press release at Prweb and Prnewsvire and prleap.

Reach out to bloggers

Find the bloggers in your niche and tell them about your infographic.

Might some of them would like to use your infographic on their website or blogs and it will a great approach and you will also get backlinks from them.

Many bloggers will also like to write a article from your infographic.

Use your Email list to share infographics

Using your email list let your email subscriber know about your awesome and informative infographic.

Share by other ways

Make a Video

You can make a small video of your infographic and share it on YouTube and other video sharing website and get a backlink from there.

Make a Slide

You can cut your infographics into a small pieces and make a slide and then share on slide share and other similar websites.

Make a Document

Make a PDF of your infographic and share it on document sharing websites they also give backlinks. Here are some document sharing websites.

Using infographic increase website traffic and get quality backlinks - infographic

Share this Image On Your Site


If you make helpful infographic then it will be automatically shared and goes viral But remember visitors will only share and link back to your infographic if they found it helpful and informative.

To make the infographic more shareable add some statical data, great design, solution of problems, make it educational, and must be a unique.

As per study and survey the most viral articals contains images (to share on Facebook), infographics, emotions and it is useful to others.

Sharing is Caring

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