What is seo and how seo works?

What is seo and how seo works?

what is seo and how seo works?

What is seo and how seo works?

What is seo?

Seo means search engine optimization, It is a process of webpage to make it search engine algorithm friendly.

Every search engine has a different algorithm or metrics for search result. When user search for something then every search engine try to deliver the best result to users.

So, to deliver exact what the users want and to make the search result better and in the search engine result pages which website is on top rank and which one is at second and third and so on this is decided by the search engine’s algorithm.

Means the algorithm of search engine decide the ranking of website.

The process to make the website or webpage to search engine algorithm friendly is called seo (search engine optimization).

How seo works?

Seo works on search engine’s metrics or algorithms.

Suppose if any user search in google for best seo company then google has lots of website which has list of best seo company but those websites has ranking high which provide in deep information and user friendly.

So, in the first page of google search result only those websites are shown which has best seo.

There are lots of factor affecting on seo.

on page seo and off page seo :-

In the search engine optimization process there are main two parts which we can say on page seo and off page seo.

On page seo :-

On page seo means the changes within the website and the work that take place inside the webpage is on page seo.

Off page seo :-

Off page seo means the changes or work take place outside the website is off page seo.

Know the difference between on page seo and off page seo in deep.

How to do seo?

There are lots of factors affecting on seo but some of most important i m listing here in brief.

Keyword research for seo :-

Keywords are basically those phrase which we use number of times in our post or those phrase on which you want to concentrate for the post or page.

Do keyword research and find the best keywords for your niche, start writing.

Always use long tail keywords in your post or page for better ranking and increasing in conversation.

Deliver Quality content :-

Always try to deliver quality content for seo because search engine like google always likes and rank high for those websites which have fresh and unique content.

So, make sure every time that your content is unique.

Write for users and to supply information, not for crawlers and ranking.

Increase website speed:-

Make your website loads faster because every user want fast loading website, if your website take long time to load then users might turns to a another website.

It is bad for user experience so, try to make your website loads faster.

Know:- How to increase website speed easily.

Link building:-

A links coming from high authority websites is good for seo, so links to others.

There is many ways you can get high quality backlinks.

  1. Get backlinks from broken link method.
  2. submit website to directories.
  3. from dofollow blog commenting
  4. from participate in forum.

Meta tag:-

Meta tag is very important for good seo practice.

The tags like heading tag, H1 tag, H2 tag are must be set correctly.

In images also there are alt tag and description and  title tag set correctly.

To increase search engine ranking use image optimization for seo.

Be social:-

Share your content to social media like Facebook ,Twitter, stumbleupon etc..

Share maximum as you can and try to build good online reputation.

Because a signals and traffic coming from social media matters for seo.

Other factors affecting on seo :-

The following factors are also affect on seo

  • Mobile optimization
  • Website structure
  • Age of domain
  • User experience
  • Url structure
  • Sitemap
  • Domain authority

In simple words for good seo just try to be natural, don’t over do it.

Make your website clean, informative, fast and easily usable.

Golden words :- This is slow process so don’t try to make it fast.

Google change their algorithm frequently, just be active and follow the rules.

If possible see this Trending techniques and updates in seo algorithm in 2017 and make implement in website.

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